Software Engineer Salary Guide and Career Outlook

Software engineers around the world receive a good pay. The software engineer salary ranges from Rs 395,178 ($5,905) to $79,357 annually. Regardless of country, software engineers receive a good deal of independence in their creative work and are expected to work long hours to get projects done. Skill sets significantly impact the salary of software engineers and the skills are valued differently in different countries.

In addition to the skills a software engineer has, they also will have variation in pay based on years of experience and geographic location. This is a male dominated profession with a high degree of job satisfaction. This article will highlight how the above variables impact pay and job outlook.

How Much Does a Software Engineer Make per Year by Country?

The following table shows the median salary of software engineers in seven countries. All of the information for salary is taken from The hourly rate is based on a 40 hour work week. All of the country currencies have been converted to United States dollars in the parenthesis under the salary.

Software Engineer Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Pay $34.00 C$30.00 ($22.50) E24.00 ($26.12) AU$ 39.00 ($29.66) NZ$ 33.00 ($23.65) Rs 194.00 ($2.90) R304.00


Annual Pay $79,357 C$67,713 ($50,787 E33,759 ($36,542) AU$72,911 ($55,456) NZ$68,288 ($48,933) Rs 395,178 ($5,905) R298,215 ($21,326)

Software Engineer Salary Influencing Factors

The software engineer salaries reported below depend on software engineers to enter their salary and other benefits in While the same variables such as experience and skills impact the software engineer salary in every country, it is not impacted the same in every country. This is covered in more detail below.

1. Location

How Much Does a Software Engineer Make in the US?

The software engineer salary in the United States is $55,268 for the 10th percentile up to $116,704 for the 90th percentile. The salary experiences a consistent growth from entry-level to senior-level as entry-level engineers average 9% below the median and senior-level engineers experience 33% above the median. They can receive a bonus of $14,790, profit sharing of between $505 and $14,931 dollars, and commission of $14,740. The minimum total pay ranges from $58,844 to $122,651 dollars annually.

How Much Does a Software Engineer Make in Canada?

Software engineers in Canada earn a nice wage. The hourly rate fluctuates between C$15.76 to C$61.60. This gives an annual pay of C$49,118 and C$90,434 dollars. They may earn a bonus of up to C$9,742 and profit sharing of anywhere from C$154.56 to C$12,114. Their total earnings are typically between C$48,814 and C$95,574 dollars. Being competent in UNIX leads to higher paying jobs in Canada.

How Much Does a Software Engineer Make in the UK?

Work experience of up to 10 years leads to significant increases in pay average for software engineers. After this period, salary does not increase greatly due to experience. The salary will be between E23,231 and E51,377 annually and E9.27 to E51.15 hourly. Software engineers in the United Kingdom get paid overtime at rates of E7.12 to E51.15 hourly. Other benefits are small but they may receive bonuses of up to E6,962, commission of E2,260, and profit sharing of E202.26 to E7,559.

How Much Does a Software Engineer Make in Australia?

The hourly rate for software engineers in Australia is AU$20.52 to AU$82.41 dollars. Their annual salary is between AU$50,663 and AU$100,573. Unix and Java are the most valuable skills in Australia that can provide a higher salary. There is a sharp increase associated with experience up to 10 years, and then the increase slows down. Software engineers in Australia can get a bonus of up to AU$10,028, profit share of up to AU$4,989 and overtime of around AU$82.00 an hour. The total take home pay is between AU%50,594 to AU$103,308. How Much Does

How Much Does a Software Engineer Professional Make in New Zealand?

Software engineers in New Zealand who have skills in C++, are mid-career, and reside near Wellington receive a more attractive salary package. They will earn NZ$15.97 to NZ$88.77 an hour. This translates to NZ$47,840 to NZ$90,453 annually. The overtime rate is NZ$45.00. Bonuses and profit shares in New Zealand are NZ$10,033 and NZ$500 dollars, respectively. The total compensation is NZ$47,122 to NZ$94.022.

How Much Does a Software Engineer Make in India?

The annual salary for software engineers in India is between Rs 208,918 and Rs 786,211. While some of these professionals will receive no additional income those who do can get a bonus of Rs 99,523, a profit share of Rs 103,444 and a commission of Rs 101,367. Their regular hourly rate is Rs 49.80 to Rs 970 and the overtime rate is Rs 0 to Rs 975. Annually, they can expect to make Rs 217,958 to Rs 818,339.

How Much Does a Software Engineer Make in South Africa?

A software engineer salary in South Africa shows a total pay of R148,675 to R561,855. This includes their regular salary, overtime hours, and potential bonuses and profit shares. Their hourly rate is R136.85 to R505, their overtime rate is R0.75 to R300.00, their bonus is up to R51,112 and profit share of up to R72,483. Experienced software engineers can expect a salary of 68% above the average and those competent in internet information server can expect a salary of 19% above the average.

2. Experience

Software engineers in all of the countries mentioned above receive increases in pay as they gain more experience. In countries like South Africa and India, this pay increases significantly with career advancement, where in the United States and the United Kingdom the increases taper off after the first ten years of employment.

Most software engineers work in the intermediate level of expertise. Expertise in software engineering is not tightly bound to experience. Since this profession requires constant learning and application of difficult concepts, experts are those who have at least ten years of experience and also solve the most challenging problems.

3. Industry

A software engineer career will look different in various work settings. In the United States, software engineers in the private sector typically have less red tape to work through and will generally work in a more innovative setting. Those who work in the public sector will be promoted based primarily on seniority and not necessarily increasing your job skills.

The majority of software engineers in the United States will work in industries of computer systems design, software publishing, finance and insurance, computer manufacturing, or management of companies. In both the public and private sector jobs will change based on bids and requirements from the companies for whom they are building the software. For example, they may range from building software for a fitness company to software for the healthcare industry.

Schedule & Working Hours

Software engineering is a job that never ends at the end of a typical work day. Particularly when projects are due, these professionals are expected to work overtime. In all of the countries described above, overtime can be earned with the exception of the United States.

Most software engineers in the United States are on a salary system. The majority of software engineers are full-time and they have the flexibility to work from home or the office. They typically do not work a shift schedule, but countries may use software engineers in different time zones to ensure that work is consistently getting done.

Bonuses & Benefits

Some software engineers will receive a full line of benefits. However, what is more common is for a software engineer to receive some benefits, but not others. The table below shows the expected benefits of software engineers.

Country United States Canada United Kingdom Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Medical 92 81 55 21 45 75 41
Dental 81 75 18 8 7 7 7
Vision 69 59 19 5 5 7 4

Career Outlook

Software engineering is a very sound choice regardless of country. A software engineer career is seen in the majority of economies since computing and technology are prevalent worldwide. One caveat is that this is a male-dominated profession. The highest percentage of women software engineers was seen in India at 15%. For the job growth, this is a career that is a good choice to invest in for your education. However, there is a limit to the salary that is seen after 10-20 years and long hours are expected.

In the United States, job growth is expected to be 17% with the growth focused heavily in app and security development. Software engineers in California, New Hampshire, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey receive the highest median wage. Overall, it is worth investing in the education. However, different skills are valued in different countries. For example, C++ valued in Canada but not valued as highly in South Africa.


Software engineers can expect job opportunities regardless of the country they are in and work in a field in which they have a lot of creative responsibility. The opportunity for growth in terms of skills is limitless and what skills these professionals have significantly impact their work environment and salary.

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