is fully committed to building visitor confidence by securing visitors’ private data and takes all due measure to make sure that private data is in no way put at risk. The security of your private data is paramount, and we treat this matter with the utmost seriousness.

1. Personal Data We Collect

Our first policy in protecting your private information is never to ask for private data which we do not absolutely need. The data we do collect is used solely to enhance website functionality and user experience. In the vast majority of cases, this will not amount to more than:

  • Data about your computer (cookies, IP and browser information); We use information about your computer in order to improve your overall experience and to adapt the website to your device’s specific needs and settings. This is done in order to ensure normal page loading, plug-in functionality, and other features.
  • Your name and e-mail address (should you wish to contacts us by e-mail); These will be collected in case you decide to submit your e-mail for communication purposes. We will never disclose your e-mail to a third party and we shall use it solely for communicating with you at your request. If you choose to subscribe to our newsletters and alerts, you may later unsubscribe at any time.

If you receive a request to submit further personal data from our e-mail or from someone claiming to be a part of our team, take no action in that regard and contact us immediately. We will never collect any data without your express written permission, except for the data collected automatically, as listed above at points A and B.

By using the website, you agree that such data, as listed above (points A (if the case) and B), will automatically be collected with the purpose of enhancing user experience. Your name and e-mail are not automatically collected unless you use them for communication purposes with our website.

We will not, under any circumstance, disclose your private data to any third party, save in situations stipulated by State or Federal Law.

We take all due measures, both in terms of manpower and technology, in order to keep your personal data safe at all times. acts in complete accordance with State and Federal Law concerning the safety of personal data.

2. Links

Any and all information found in this Privacy Policy, the Disclaimer or the Terms of Use applies solely to, does not affect and is not affected by the policies of other websites. As such, we cannot answer for any links which we will include in our articles and any consequence or action deriving from using the said links cannot be our responsibility. However, we carefully select links as to avoid any possible inconvenience for the visitor. does not own or have rights to any websites in our links. By visiting those websites, the user agrees to use they own privacy policies and terms and conditions. It follows that user experience on any other website cannot be attributed in any way to and its team members.

3. Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Private Policy is subject to change, and we take the liberty to change it, as necessary, without prior notification. If a change does occur, we will announce it on our website and we will change the date at the bottom of this page as to reflect the date of the latest version. If you continue to use the website after the new Privacy Policy comes into effect, we will consider it as your approval of all amendments and of the new version

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at