How Much Is The Sears Store Manager Salary

Sears and its Kenmore and Craftsman lines represent some of the most prominent brands in retail. Many stores anchor malls and carry a wide array of products, while storefront outlets limit their wares to tools and appliances. In this description of the Sears store manager salary, we provide base and bonus numbers and a list of benefits. We also touch upon the salaries of two of Sears’ competitors in the department store retail sector.

Sears Store Manager Description & Duties

As part of store oversight, Sears store managers select and assign associates to tasks. Subjects of training and instruction include customer service, keeping the store clean and sufficiently bright, and executing Sears policies on returns and manner of payment. Sears describes certain job duties as advocates for customers, listening to them and answering their concerns. To judge customer satisfaction, Sears managers tour departments daily, speak with customers, and evaluate customer surveys.

Store management also includes implementing the store’s return and exchange policy. Sears does not permit returns of online merchandise without receipts. Managers are to issue Lands End cards to purchasers of in-store items who lack a receipt. Other facets of the policy tie return or refund deadlines or eligibility to the type of product or delivery.

Sears requires its store managers to log at least two nights of work a week and two weekends a month, unless excused by a District Manager. Irregular schedules may increase during the holiday season and other peak shopping periods. With online shopping on the rise, Sears managers must attend to web or mobile orders and fulfillment of them at the store. To drive sales upward, managers encourage associates to promote and sell parts for many items. For instance, replacement blades may accompany purchases by customers of lawn mowers or edges.

Sears Store Manager Salary & Benefits

Glassdoor places the base Sears store manager salary at a mean of $72,701 per year. Earnings can reach as high as $121,437 every year, including bonuses and commissions as sources of additional pay. Commissions average $5,498 per year, while yearly cash bonuses for Sears store managers can stand at $7,370.

Beyond the bonuses, Sears store managers enjoy medical, dental, vision, and flexible spending accounts for healthcare and employee assistance for mental or personal issues. Health plans cover the employees, spouses, and children. On the insurance side, benefits include life and disability plans. The stock purchase plan and 401(k) plan afford opportunities for additional income, especially in retirement years.

Alternative Companies Salary

Competitors of Sears offer their managers higher pay, on a mean basis. However, top-earning managers with Sears can earn at levels comparable with counterparts. According to Glassdoor, managers at Nordstrom garner a mean base pay $92,919 every year. Additional earnings amount to $22,997, which includes cash bonuses of up to $20,000 and commissions at a mean level of $24,750. Glassdoor places the total yearly pay for Nordstrom store managers at $105,840, and salaries run between $42,116 and $106,680.

JCPenney managers have a median salary of $81,367 per year, with extra pay driving average earnings to $89,496. At the highest levels, pay for JCPenney managers can reach $118,593. If you are interested in this field, look at how much do Walmart managers make as well.


The Sears store manager salary generally rests slightly below that of managers at other department stores, except for the highest-paid Sears managers. Given Sears’ presence at malls and its reliance upon the sales of parts, managers can expect busy weekends and holidays and considerable time overseeing departments and associates. If you have served as a Sears’ store manager, let us know your thoughts about the earnings and working conditions.

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