How Much Is The Safeway Manager Salary

Safeway grocery stores operate as a subsidiary of grocery and pharmaceutical conglomerate Albertsons. While Safeway stores appear in many parts of the country, most situate themselves in California and other western states. We present here the Safeway manager salary, job responsibilities, and benefits. To offer perspective, we examine the salaries for store managers at competitor grocery stores within similar regions as Safeway.

Safeway Store Manager Description & Duties

The Safeway store manager directs the operation of the particular store. This includes hiring, instructing, evaluating, assigning, disciplining and terminating as necessary the employees. In overseeing the employees and operations, the manager implements procedures for promoting the immediate or prompt sales of “first-in” merchandise. As well as the proper dating of foods (especially perishables) and hazard-free aisles, counters, and other store areas.

Management of the store floor also involves answering customer questions on availability and price. As well as ensuring adequate and appropriate levels of merchandise, inspecting floor conditions, and the accuracy of price tags and signs. Occasionally, the job description includes bagging groceries, providing cash and other items to cashiers, and even check out of customers.

Beyond the sales floor, store managers must prepare budgets and projections, as well to monitor revenues and expenses of the store. Office administration involves handling of and response to electronic and physical mail, maintain records of employees, financial performance and incidents at the store, and act in response to any citations or violation notices by Safeway or governmental agencies.

Safeway Manager Salary & Benefits

According to Glassdoor, the mean base pay for Safeway store managers stands at $84,754 per year. The salaries range from $60,000 to $115,000. Glassdoor reports average cash bonuses of $17,120. Accounting for additional compensation, the total Safeway store manager salary runs at $91,500.

Overall, Safeway managers or prospective ones can expect benefits in addition to the salary. Safeway states on its website that benefits such as prescription drugs, vision and other medical care, 401(k) plan, paid vacation and time-off, and professional and career education generally go to non-retail store employees. This may be the result of benefits afforded to members of unions representing many Safeway store employees. Store managers typically are excluded from these union collective bargaining agreements, so they enjoy many of the Safeway-listed benefits.

Alternative Companies Salary

For comparison to the Safeway manager salary, we consider two grocery chains with a strong presence in the western United States. Trader Joe’s grocery stores, with a solid presence in both the western and eastern United States, pay their store managers $56,924 per year. According to Glassdoor, salaries on the lower end sit at $52,117 and reach an apex of $105,778. Both the mean and range of pay falls below the Safeway manager salary.

At Save Mart Supermarkets, store managers earn salaries closer to that of their Safeway counterparts. Glassdoor states that the mean for Save Mart store managers stands at $96,000, above the mean for Safeway store managers. Salaries for Save Mart managers span between $68,674 to $110,000.


Finally, the Safeway manager salary expressed as a median salary and a range, proves competitive with other grocery stores, including those with a solid footprint in the western United States. Benefits and job descriptions prove similar to those of other grocery store managers. If you have been a Safeway store manager, please share your impressions of your pay and job satisfaction. For more salary info from the same field, also look at our Walgreens store manager article.

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