How Much Is The Chipotle General Manager Salary

Mexican food restaurants represent full-service and fast casual segments of the Mexican restaurant industry. Here, we examine the general manager of one of those fast casual providers, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Specifically, you’ll read about the Chipotle general manager salary, their benefits, and job responsibilities. Our piece below also touches upon general managers for two of Chipotle’s competitors.

Chipotle Manager Job Description & Duties


A Chipotle general manager administers the overall work of the restaurant. The job entails skills in anticipating times of peak or high demand in order to adequately supply and staff the restaurant and have sufficient products for sale.

Restaurant employees find positions and receive instructions, training, and feedback from the general manager. Chipotle relies on the general manager to spot within their crew candidates for future management roles and develops them. The progression to general manager and beyond to a restaurateur (a manager in charge of multiple stores) consists of beginning as a crew member, then kitchen manager, then to service manager and apprentice. Supervision of restaurant employees covers preparation of orders to meet customer satisfaction and Chipotle standards. As well as compliance with sanitation, safety rules and standards, and promoting customer satisfaction.

Advancing a Chipotle restaurant’s financial viability requires a strong grasp of managing profits and losses. The general manager must have skills in obtaining and analyzing profit and loss reports, especially to find places and ways to cut costs and to promote business. Profit and loss management also means understanding competitor restaurants located near the Chipotle establishment.

Chipotle Manager Salary & Benefits

According to Chipotle, the Chipotle general manager salary registers on a mean basis at $77,000 annually. On a monthly basis, pay stands at $6,417. The Chipotle general manager salary represents one of the healthy benefits of a career with the chain. Chipotle general managers also enjoy company medical, dental and vision benefits. With tuition assistance from Chipotle, general managers and other employees can access up to $5,250 per year for a college education. On-the-job training can convert into credit hours, with general managers earning 44 hours toward graduation.

Other benefits include paid vacation, a 401(k) plan with company matching after one year of work, bonuses and access to discounts from participating retailers. While on shift, Chipotle employees get a free meal. Off-shift meals at the manager’s home store come with a 50 percent discount.

Alternative Companies Salary

General managers at Moe’s Southwest Grill fetch a mean base salary of $44,610 per year. The average additional pay amounts to $3,658 on an annual basis. Notable perks include stock bonuses, yielding an average value of $25,000. Moe’s Southwest Grill managers earn bonuses of up to $3,629. Glassdoor reports that managers in this chain can make as much as $60,000 per year.

Qdoba, another player in the fast-casual Mexican dining sector, pays its restaurant general managers a mean base salary of $45,000 per year, with additional compensation averaging at $5,295. Bonuses register up to $5,156 for Qdoba general managers. According to Glassdoor, the annual salaries run from $35,000 to $56,303.


Tuition assistance features prominently in the compensation of a Chipotle general manager. Overall, the Chipotle general manager salary compares well with those offered by Chipotle’s competitors. General managers with Chipotle also enjoy opportunities to save money shopping with retailers and for retirement. You can also look at how much a Taco Bell manager makes every year. We invite you to relay your impressions of the Chipotle general manager salary if you have worked for Chipotle as a general manager.

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