Home Health Aide Salary Guide and Career Outlook

Home health aides in the United States have mean pay of $23,600 per year. The figure stands at C$31,000 ($24,599 USD) in Canada, 18,000 ($24,286 USD) in the United Kingdom, AU$46,574 ($36,350 USD) in Australia, and NZD$39,000 ($27,650) USD in New Zealand. Salaries run on a mean basis INR1,29,103 (INR129,103 in Western form) ($2,023 USD) in India and R92,980 ($7,514 USD) in South Africa.

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How Much Does a Home Health Aide Make per Year by State?

Home Health Aide Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Pay $11.35 C$14.90 £8.65 AU$22.39 NZD$18.75 INR62 R45
Annual Pay $23,600 C$31,000 £18,000 AU$46,574 NZD$39,000 INR1,29,103 R92,980

Home Health Aide Salary Influencing Factors

Generally, home health aides earn on the lower end of the health care workers. Thus, experience usually creates only modest increases in earnings. The company for whom an aide works and location play roles in the pay of home health aides, with aides in certain states or cities earning above the national mean.

1. Location

As reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Alaska led states in the pay of home health aides, at $33,290. Those in North Dakota followed with a mean of $33,170, with Delaware ranking third at $31,290. At a mean of $29,210, home health aides in California were the fourth highest paid by state.

“Sioux City, IA-NE-SD” stood first among metropolitan areas in the United States, with a mean pay of $40,410. Santa Rosa, CA saw the second highest-paid home health aides, by metropolitan area, at $39,210. In Sacramento, earnings reached $36,550 on a mean basis.

PayScale states that pay for personal/home care aides in Sydney, Australia, rise nine percent above the national mean of AU$46,574. Those in Perth earn two percent above average, with pay for aides in Melbourne descending five percent below the national mean.

According to SalaryExpert, salaries for home health aides in Cape Town, South Africa hover over the national mean at R100,700. The mean in New Delhi creeps slightly above the Indian average, at R1,34,267.

How Much Does a Home Health Aide Make in the US?

Home Health Aide Salary US Per Year Per Hour
Minimum $17,990 $8.65
Maximum $30,610 $14.72
Bonus N/A N/A
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay $48,535 to $98,326

How Much Does a Home Health Aide Make in Canada?

Home Health Aide Salary Canada Per Year Per Hour
Minimum C$23,453 C$11.28
Maximum C$43,731 C$21.02
Bonus N/A N/A
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay C$23,451 to C$43,731

How Much Does a Home Health Aide Make in the UK?

Home Health Aide Salary Canada Per Year Per Hour
Minimum £15,000 £7.21
Maximum £20,000 £9.62
Bonus N/A N/A
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay £15,000 to £20,000

How Much Does a Home Health Aide Make in Australia

Home Health Aide Salary Australia Per Year Per Hour
Minimum AU$39,598 AU$19.04
Maximum AU$57,727 AU$27.75
Bonus N/A N/A
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay AU$39,598 to AU$57,727

How Much Does a Home Health Aide Make in New Zealand?

Home Health Aide Salary New Zealand Per Year Per Hour
Minimum NZD$37,000 NZD$17.79
Maximum NZD$42,000 NZD$20.19
Bonus N/A N/A
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay NZD$37,000 to NZD$42,000

How Much Does a Home Health Aide Make in India?

Home Health Aide Salary India Per Year Per Hour
Minimum INR1,01,624 INR48.86
Maximum INR1,54,971 INR74.51
Bonus INR1,046 INR0.50
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay INR1,01,624 to INR1,56,037

How Much Does a Home Health Aide Make in South Africa?

Home Health Aide Salary South Africa Per Year Per Hour
Minimum R72,698 R34.95
Maximum R110,860 R53.30
Bonus R753 R0.36
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay R72,698 to R111,613

2. Experience

For home health aides in Canada, pay at entry-level stands at C$31,000 and doesn’t climb appreciably until after 20 years of experience. At that stage, aides earn on a mean basis C$41,000 per year.

The National Careers Service classifies home health aides as part of the “Healthcare Assistant” occupation. In the United Kingdom, healthcare assistants make a starting salary of £15,000 to £18,000. Those who achieve “Experienced” status fetch £20,000.

According to PayScale, an Australian personal/home care aide with five to ten years of experience earns eight percent above the national mean. Having ten to 20 years on the job translates to an increase of four percent above the national average.

Generally, “nursing support and care workers” in New Zealand, which include home health aides, start at NZD$36,000. Aides who work two to three years in the field range between NZD$39,000 and NZD$42,000. These salaries apply to home health aides employed by a District Board of Health in New Zealand.

SalaryExpert states that home health aides in India with one to three years of experience receive INR1,01,624 on a mean basis. Eight or more years experience results in a mean pay of INR1,54,971. The mean for entry-level aides in South Africa registers at R72,698, while pay for senior-level aides steps upward to R110,680.

3. Industry

Aides hold jobs through home health services, residential care providers that offer home health as an affiliated line of business or public sector agencies. Some may serve as independent contractors for rather than employees of health care providers. In the former capacity, independent contractor may negotiate their rates but likely do not get medical, retirement or other benefits from the provider for they serve.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 45 percent of home health aides worked in the employ of “Home healthcare services.” Salaries for aides in this group in the United States averaged $23,410 in 2016.

Home health aides in New Zealand work both for a District Board of Health or for a private enterprise. American-based Bayada Home Health Care has entered the market in India, conducting business under the name “India Home Health Care.”

Schedule & Working Hours

The home health aide field includes a mix of full-time and part-time workers.
According to Job Bank Canada, 38 percent of home health aides and other “Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations” employees held part-time positions.

Schedules encompass daytime, some evenings and weekends to accommodate the needs of patients. Home health aides may report to clients daily or at less frequent intervals.

Bonuses & Benefits

Few home health aides report to PayScale having medical benefits. In the United States, only 23 percent receive medical insurance, 16 percent have dental and 13 percent enjoy vision. PayScale reports that 17 percent of personal and home health aides in Canada receive medical insurance from their employers. Dental care goes to 14 percent, while roughly one in ten aides have employer-provided vision care.

In Australia, the medical insurance coverage rate for home health aides reaches only two percent; none report having vision or dental benefits.

Career Outlook

Home health affords an alternative for an increasingly elderly population and their families to nursing homes. Financial, family and personal reasons drive growing preferences for delivery of health care and assistance in homes.

The home health industry has become a burgeoning source of employment for home health aides. A June 2016 report by Deloitte places the number of aged care providers in Australia at more than 2,000. The industry, which includes home health aides, serves over a 1,000,000 clients via an estimated 350,000 workers.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 47 percent ascent in employment of home health aides in the United States by 2026. The occupation numbered 911,500 in 2016 and should reach 1,337,000 by 2026.

Preferences by families, patients and government agencies for home care have facilitated strong employment prospects for home aides in New Zealand.

Job Bank Canada includes home healthcare workers in the “Home Support Workers, Housekeepers and Related Occupations” field. The occupation had 81,200 participants in 2014, with a projected 36,900 openings by 2024. With 35,700 predicted seekers, Canada should have a shortage of these workers and a demand for more home health aides.

Work as a home health aide may lead to future careers as a certified nurse assistant, licensed practical nurse or registered nurse.


Services of home health aides exist in high demand and should yield strong opportunities for those seeking these jobs. However, pay for these workers do not reach the same level of heights. Those who work as aides may use the experience as a springboard to higher-paying jobs in healthcare, such as nursing.

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