Salaries Hub is an online publication dedicated to helping job-seekers make informed career choices, by bringing them relevant salary information and possible outlooks for every type of industry they may be interested in.

If you have relevant writing experience, have a background in recruiting/HR or possess extensive knowledge in this field and would like to share some of your insights with our readers, then we’d be more than happy to receive a guest post from you.

What gets accepted?

  • Salary guides for specific jobs. These should be as detailed as possible, including required experience, bonuses & benefits, career prospects, and so on.
  • Relevant advice on job-seeking, resume-writing, interviewing
  • Salary infographics
  • Career interviews with expert recruiters
  • Salary trends and news

What gets rejected?

  • Plagiarized content or articles that were previously published on other websites
  • Articles that do not provide any real value to our readers
  • Articles that contain unsubstantiated facts
  • Articles that have a relatively low wordcount. Ideally, your guest post should have a minimum of 700 words.
  • Articles that are not properly formatted

How to submit your guest post?

If you would like to publish a guest post on Salaries Hub, you must first send us an e-mail at teagan(dot)everett(at)salarieshub(dot)com with the following info:

  1. Full name, author bio, and any relevant social media profiles
  2. One topic proposal + a short outline (bullet points)
  3. Writing samples, if any

If you already have an article that you think would be well-suited for our publication, you may send it to us for review. Please send your article in a Word doc format and include all images as e-mail attachments.

If your submission is approved, you will then receive an e-mail from one of our content editors, informing you of the next step. Please note that as part of our reviewing process, we may ask you to make a few revisions if your content does not meet our full editorial guidelines.

Once your article is published, you must agree to not re-publish it on any other website.