UPS Driver Salary Guide and Career Outlook

The average UPS driver salary in the United States is $53,386 annually. The salary guide detailed here covers the general salary for delivery drivers as granular pay was not available for UPS drivers in different countries. The pay for delivery drivers in Canada is C$35,932 ($26,318) and in the United Kingdom, it is E17,965 ($19,757). In South Africa, they receive a lower salary of R72,223 ($5,381) and in India, their salary is Rs 142,923 ($2,222).

This UPS driver career guide discusses, in particular, the salary in seven countries, the average UPS delivery driver salary per hour, the impact of experience and industry on overall pay, an average working schedule, the benefits that UPS offers drivers, and the overall job outlook for these professionals.

How Much Does a UPS Driver Make per Year by Country?

UPS Driver Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Pay $13.40 C$15.56 ($11.40) E7.60 ($8.36) AU$19.88 ($14.74) NZ$17.63 ($12.20) Rs 68.17 ($1.06) R31.15 ($2.32)
Annual Pay $53,386 C$35,932 ($26,318) E17,965 ($19,757) AU$47,083 ($34,921) NZ$36,660* ($25,365) Rs 142,923 ($2,222) R72,223 ($5,381)

Pay information denoted with a (*) indicates the hourly pay was correlated from the annual salary.

UPS Driver Salary Influencing Factors

This pay information reports on the general salary for package and postal delivery drivers. Reasons for possible variation in the salary for a UPS driver due to industry or contracts will be explained in detail below the salary ranges. All of the salary information is from Payscale except for the United States. That pay comes from Glassdoor.

1. Location

How Much Does a UPS Driver Make in the US? Average UPS Delivery Driver Salary per Hour

UPS Driver Salary US Per Year Per Hour
Minimum $22,000 $10.57
Maximum $100,000 $48.07
Bonus/Tip $2,640 $110.00
Overtime No additional pay $23.27 to $67.01
Total Pay $58,892 to $134,305

How Much Does a UPS Driver Make in Canada?

UPS Driver Salary Canada Per Year Per Hour
Minimum C$20,261 C$11.46
Maximum C$58,520 C$21.93
Bonus/Tip C$96.96 to C$3,091 No additional pay
Overtime No additional pay C$15.16 to C$36.82
Total Pay C$24,096 to C$50,593

How Much Does A UPS Driver Make in the UK?

UPS Driver Salary UK Per Year Per Hour
Minimum E12,069 E6.61
Maximum E27,524 E9.80
Bonus/Tip E2,485 No additional pay
Overtime No additional pay E6.98 to E13.87
Total Pay E13,367 to E24,185

How Much Does a UPS Driver Make in Australia?

UPS Driver Salary Australia Per Year Per Hour
Minimum AU$35,728 AU$16.35
Maximum AU$68,356 AU$24.76
Bonus/Tip AU$500.00 AU$2.41
Overtime No additional pay AU$19.06 to AU$40.59
Total Pay AU$34,385 to AU$54,243

How Much Does a UPS Driver make in New Zealand?

UPS Drive.r Salary New Zealand Per Year Per Hour
Minimum NZ$32,323 NZ15.54
Maximum NZ$90,000 NZ$48.88
Bonus/Tip No additional pay No additional pay
Overtime No additional pay NZ$26.00
Total Pay NZ$31,676 to NZ$51,289

How Much Does a UPS Driver Make in India?

UPS Driver Salary India Per Year Per Hour
Minimum Rs 94,406 Rs 45.38*
Maximum Rs 568,671 Rs 273.39*
Bonus/Tip Rs 503 to Rs 129,128 No additional pay
Overtime No additional pay No additional pay
Total Pay Rs 95,422 to Rs 561,000

How Much Does a UPS Driver Make in South Africa?

UPS Driver Salary UK Per Year Per Hour
Minimum R351,832 R19.45
Maximum R595,976 R49.03
Bonus/Tip R1,517 to R13,481 No additional pay
Overtime No additional pay R6.18 to R116.35
Total Pay R45,929 to R129,672

2. Experience

In Australia, pay increases modestly over time from about AU$41,000 to AU$47,500. There is only a 6 percent increase for delivery drivers in New Zealand as they gain experience. In Canada, experienced professionals can expect to earn about C$42,000. Conversely, the salary in India is 11 percent below the average for entry-level professionals and 645 percent above for more experienced drivers. In South Africa, the pay has two periods of growth to go from R69,000 to R91,000. There is very small growth for drivers in the United Kingdom as they progress from E16,000 to E19,000. In the United States, pay increases about 12 percent for each career jump from 10 percent below to 35 percent above the average.

The most common experience level in all of the countries listed is drivers with 1 to 4 years of experience.

3. Industry

The industry in the United States is very interesting because UPS drivers have a comparable job to FedEx drivers. However, their pay is significantly higher. While FedEx drivers average $23.00 dollars an hour, UPS drivers see $30.00 dollars.

UPS is the largest employer in the Teamsters union. It is hard to say that their pay increase is due to being in the union, however, having representation and people advocating for fair labor is a definite benefit towards higher than average industry pay.

Overall, this is a very flexible industry in terms of employment types. While most UPS drivers will work full-time, year round, they hire about 95,000 seasonal workers who will work around the holidays. In addition, part-time hours are not unheard of in this industry.

Schedule & Working Hours

UPS delivery drivers can expect to work at least 8 hours a day. They typically have weekends and holidays off. However, there are specified positions that do in fact work these hours. Packages are normally delivered between 9 AM and 7 PM. However, the drivers work longer than this because they need to be ready when their truck is loaded and return the truck at the end of the day.

Bonuses & Benefits

Compared to FedEx, UPS employees enjoy excellent benefits. In fact, UPS has some of the best employee benefits in the industry. All employees (even part-time) have minimal health care costs because the company picks up most of the deductible. In addition, there is a $5,280 annual reimbursement for education related costs.

UPS is unique in that part-time employees are offered an excellent benefits package. This includes healthcare and education reimbursement. As a result, more than 50 percent of the UPS workforce started as part-time employees. However, they are not offered retirement benefits.

The list below shows healthcare benefits by country. It is important to note that these are health care benefits for delivery drivers in general and are not limited to the benefits for UPS drivers. The benefits for UPS drivers, at least in the United States, are higher than these.

Country United States Canada United Kingdom Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Medical 54 54 8 2 25 47 27
Dental 44 48 2 0 8 0 3
Vision 37 34 4 0 8 0 1
None 43 44 89 97 75 53 72

Career Outlook

In general, the job outlook for UPS drivers is a slow growth rate of 4 percent through the year 2024. However, the rapid growth of e-commerce and businesses like Amazon will keep the demand high for UPS drivers. Because UPS is such a good company to work for the competition to become a full-time UPS driver is intense. Job growth will be tempered by advancements in technology and navigation as well as possible drone delivery.

Some UPS delivery drivers could progress to being a semi-truck driver or a project manager of the delivery department. They could also advance to a supervisory delivery position or a fleet dispatcher.

For whatever reason, most UPS drivers are male. In general, delivery drivers in South Africa are 97 percent male and in Canada, they are 89 percent male. The ratio in Australia is 84 percent male to 16 percent female and in India, it is 92 percent male to 8 percent female.


Overall, UPS is a great company to work for. This UPS career and salary guide looked more broadly at delivery truck drivers. However, UPS provides perks not commonly seen in the industry such as employment with the company, higher rates of pay, benefits for part-time employees, and education reimbursement. For the low education required to begin this job, a UPS driver career is a smart move. A similar job for you to consider that implies spending some time on the road is that of a truck driver.

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