Trauma Surgeon Salary Guide and Career Outlook

In the United States, the mean pay for a trauma surgeon stands at $307,000. For Canadian trauma surgeons, the number is C$366,152 ($288,070 USD). Trauma surgeons earn on a mean basis £193,777 ($258,475 USD) in the United Kingdom, AU$505,547 ($384,975 USD) in Australia and NZD$429,598 ($295,438 USD) in New Zealand. The mean amounts to INR 22,24,306 (INR 2,224,306 in Western form) ($34,422 USD) in India. In South Africa, trauma surgeons fetch mean pay of R2,217,001 ($156,558 USD).

trauma surgeon salary

How Much Does a Trauma Surgeon Make per Year by State?

Trauma Surgeon Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Pay $147.60 C$176 £93 AU$243 NZD$204 INR1,069 R1,006
Annual Pay $307,000 C$366,152 £193,777 AU$505,547 NZD$429,598 INR22,24,306 R2,217,001

Trauma Surgeon Salary Influencing Factors

Experience and the type of setting strongly affect the direction of salaries for trauma surgeons. On the whole, trauma surgeons find higher pay in private practice than with government-operated or run hospitals and with academic hospitals.

1. Location

The state or region of practice can affect the pay of trauma surgeons. According to SalaryExpert, the mean is $421,487 in New York state, $428,735 in California, $362,151 in Indiana, and $361,600 in Alabama. This suggests more populous states yield higher compensation.

In London, earnings average 242,506, while trauma surgeons in Birmingham (United Kingdom) draw a mean pay of 178,280 per year. Ontario’s surgeons make C$368,349 on a mean basis, while the mean is C$328,901 in Nova Scotia and C$398,741 in the Northwest Territories in Canada.

Trauma surgeons in Sydney, Australia make AU$537,887 and those in Melboure, Australia see AU$514,470 on average. In India, mean salaries register at INR23,13,275 in New Dehli and INR21,13,088 in Jaipur.

How Much Does a Trauma Surgeon Make in the US?

Trauma Surgeon Salary US Per Year Per Hour
Minimum $128,886 $61.96
Maximum $448,465 $215.61
Bonus $2,000 to $67,500 $0.96 to $32.45
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay $140,939 to $507,020

How Much Does a Trauma Surgeon Make in Canada?

Trauma Surgeon Salary Canada Per Year Per Hour
Minimum C$238,396 C$114.61
Maximum C$505,474 C$243.02
Bonus C$34,345 C$16.51
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay C$238,396 to C$539,819

How Much Does a Trauma Surgeon Make in the UK?

Trauma Surgeon Salary UK Per Year Per Hour
Minimum £26,350 £ 12.67
Maximum £267,150 £128.44
Bonus £18,176 £8.74
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay £26,350 to £285,326

How Much Does a Trauma Surgeon Make in Australia?

Trauma Surgeon Salary Australia Per Year Per Hour
Minimum AU$329,689 AU$158.50
Maximum AU$699,043 AU$336.08
Bonus AU$47,420 AU$22.80
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay AU$329,689 to AU$746,463

How Much Does a Trauma Surgeon Make in New Zealand?

Trauma Surgeon Salary New Zealand Per Year Per Hour
Minimum NZD$276,679 NZD$133.02
Maximum NZD$586,646 NZD$282.04
Bonus NZD$39,827 NZD$19.15
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay NZD$276,679 to NZD$626,473

How Much Does a Trauma Surgeon Make in India?

Trauma Surgeon Salary India Per Year Per Hour
Minimum INR14,70,544 INR706.99
Maximum INR31,18,035 INR1,499.06
Bonus INR2,08,640 INR100.31
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay INR14,70,544 to INR33,26,675

How Much Does a Trauma Surgeon Make in South Africa?

Trauma Surgeon Salary South Africa Per Year Per Hour
Minimum R1,455,881 R699.94
Maximum R3,086,922 R1,484.10
Bonus R207,955 R99.98
Overtime N/A N/A
Total Pay R1,455,881 to R3,294,877

2. Experience

According to PayScale, trauma surgeons have a median salary of $304,000 at entry level and $337,000 at a five-level. The median at the late-career stage reaches $358,000 per year.

SalaryExpert states that Canadian trauma surgeons with one to three years of experience earn $238,396 on a mean basis. At the senior-level of experience, pay runs on average at C$505,474. Medical officers in the Canadian armed forces can reach beyond the typical starting pay of C$148,700 with promotions and experience.

In the United Kingdom, doctors in training make between £26,350 and £45,750. At the experienced levels, pay runs between £37,500 and £70,000. Consultants can earn from £76,000 to more than £102,500. Accounting for self-employed trauma surgeons, entry-level pay averages at £126,165 and senior-level compensation runs at £267,510 on a mean basis.

For trauma surgeons with one to three years in practice, the mean pay stands at $329,689 in Australia. Trauma surgeons who attain eight or more years of experience get AU$699,043. In New Zealand, the figures are NZD$276,679 and NZD$586,646 respectfully.

Trauma surgeons in India make INR14,70,544 after one to three years of experience and INR31,18,035 with eight or more years in practice. In South Africa, pay stands at R1,455,881 for entry-level trauma surgeons and R3,086,922 for those with eight years or more of experience.

3. Industry

Generally, hospitals, the armed services and private practices employ trauma surgeons.

Pay typically runs higher in private practices than in academic hospitals. A study published in the March 24, 2015 edition of Vascular Specialist reveals that trauma surgeons in the United States in university hospitals earned 12 percent, or $2.4 million, below trauma surgeons in private practice.

Schedule & Working Hours

Events that require trauma surgeons can occur at any time. As a result, these practitioners work evenings, weekends and holidays, as well as weekdays and daytimes. On-call duty is common.

Full-time surgeons work 44.4 hours per week in Australia, according to Job Outlook Australia. Trauma surgeons in Canada can average 70 hours per week on duty.

Military settings for trauma surgeons include, not only on-base hospitals, but surgical units in combat areas. Surgeons in combat areas face risk of injuries themselves and must be prepared at all times during combat to perform surgeries.

Bonuses & Benefits

Trauma surgeons can earn bonuses for performance and as inducements for accepting employment. The Canadian military offers signing bonuses up to C$225,000 for medical officers. Employers may provide relocation allowances and student loan assistance.

Retirement and health insurance form part of compensation packages. In the United States, trauma surgeons earn $58,555 on a mean basis from profit sharing. Nine out of ten get medical benefits and 71 percent have dental coverage. Vision benefits go to 59 percent of trauma surgeons.

According to PayScale, nearly two-thirds of trauma surgeons have medical benefits and a third enjoy coverage for dental care.

Career Outlook

The frequent occurrence of sudden injuries underlines the need for trauma surgeons. These events range from serious crimes to accidents. South Africa has 60,000 trauma-related deaths per year.

Between 2006 and 2014, gun-related injuries accounted for 705,000 emergency room visits by patients in the United States. South Africa’s murder rate numbers at 52 per 100,000 residents, while the United Kingdom has a murder rate at 10 per one million.

Automobile crashes claim 1.3 million people world-wide and 37,000 per year in the United States. Another 20 to 50 million globally face disabilities or injuries. In the United States, that number stands at 2.35 million. (

In some regions, the lack of available trauma centers can affect the number of trauma surgeons. India, for example, faces a shortage of beds in trauma centers. Due to the relative absence of hospice care, terminally-ill patients often occupy beds needed for those suffering severe head trauma from automobile-related crashes. In that country, one out of three crash victims face severe head injuries.


Trauma surgeons treat victims of various kinds of injuries, many life-threatening. With the number of crashes, shootings, falls and other incidents remaining high, trauma surgeons will be in strong demand. Pay for these professionals can elevate with experience, working in certain geographic areas and serving in private practices and privately-run hospitals.

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