The Average Computer Programmer Salary

The average computer programmer salary can vary according to multiple factors, the most important of them being geographic area, industry, local policies, and experience. According to a recent average income report issued by the prestigious, a computer programmer earns $65,277 per year or $31.38 per hour.

However,, place the average annual wage of a computer programmer at $79,530 or $38.24 per hour.

A computer programmer is an individual in charge of writing codes or scripts for computer software. As a future candidate, you have to know that as a computer programmer you will be needed to supervise any type of task related to creating a functional computer program. Your position will also cover code writing, supervision, review, quality control, and market analysis.


As we’ve mentioned in our introductory passage, one the most important factors that are capable of influencing the computer programmer salary is the industry. Based on which industry you choose your salary will vary accordingly.

According to the same income report published on, the highest paying industry for this profession is considered Finance and Insurance, where an individual occupying this position has a mean income of $78,580 per year.

On the other hand, a computer programmer employed in the Utility Branch has the lowest mean income, compared to other industries, which is $76,180 per year.

Here are some more industries suitable for a computer programmer:

  • Transportation and Warehousing: $77,000;
  • Wholesale Trade: $77,210;
  • Manufacturing: $78,090;
  • Information: $78,500.

Furthermore, if you are currently seeking employment with some of the largest companies out there on the market, then you’ll be delighted to hear that the average computer programmer salary at TATA Consultancy services is $67,904 per year.

Another top paying company is considered CEI, where a computer programmer can earn as much as $69,752 per year.

2.Geographic Area

Your current location can also be considered a computer programmer salary influencer. According to the latest income reports, the highest paying state for this profession is considered Washington, where a computer programmer can earn as much as $119,540 per year or $57.47 per hour.

The second top paying state for computer programmers is New Mexico, where you will have the opportunity of earning as much as $103,200 per year or $49.62 per hour. Ranking third in high-paying states for computer programmers is Massachusetts, where an individual occupying this position can earn $93,420 per year or $44.91 per hour.

Some other high paying states, in no particular order:

  • District of Columbia: $91,100 per year;
  • Virginia: $91,460 per year;
  • Maryland: $86,030 per year;
  • Alaska: $85,520 per year;
  • New Jersey: $79,190 per year.

If you’re currently seeking employment as a computer programmer, then you should avoid these states at all costs because they have the lowest paying rates in the country:

  • South Dakota: $50,060 per year;
  • North Dakota: $51,700 per year;
  • West Virginia: $58,020 per year;
  • Wyoming: $59,010 per year;
  • Mississippi: $61,020 per year;
  • Louisiana: $63,640 per year.


Among the most important factors that can determine the average computer programmer salary, we are inclined to say that experience is the most vital since it can determine not only your salary but your chances of being employed as well.

Below, you will find a list containing the average computer programmer salary sorted by seniority:

  • Entry Level Computer Programmers: $44,450 per year or $21.37 per hour;
  • Junior Computer Programmer: $60,250 per year of $28.97 per hour;
  • Experienced Computer Programmer: $79,530 per year or $38.24 per hour;
  • Senior Computer Programmer: $103,570 per year or $49.75 per hour;
  • Top End Computer Programmer: $130,800 per year or $62.89 per hour.

Working Hours and Environment

A Computer Programmer is required to work 40 hours per week. Usually, individuals occupying this position work in an office-like environment, surrounded by big-screen monitors and computers. However, most employers offer the possibility of working from home.

As far as the schedule is concerned, although computer programmers are required to fulfill their 40-hour weekly schedule, some of them might have to work overtime or during the weekend in order to deliver the projects.

Computer Programmer Salary by State

State Annual Mean Wage ($)
Alabama 80,300
Alaska 85,520
Arizona 78,660
Arkansas 69,370
California 89,360
Colorado 81,290
Connecticut 79,680
Delaware 76,900
Florida 72,490
Georgia 79,620
Hawaii 69,660
Idaho 66,890
Illinois 75,130
Indiana 65,480
Iowa 66,720
Kansas 67,190
Kentucky 67,720
Louisiana 63,640
Maine 67,690
Maryland 86,030
Massachusetts 93,420
Michigan 70,860
Minnesota 77,810
Mississippi 61,020
Missouri 78,310
Montana 60,440
Nebraska 72,270
Nevada 75,920
New Hampshire 70,120
New Jersey 79,190
New Mexico 103,200
New York 81,600
North Carolina 80,800
North Dakota 51,700
Ohio 68,180
Oklahoma 64,640
Oregon 76,380
Pennsylvania 74,370
Rhode Island 79,040
South Carolina 67,610
South Dakota 50,060
Tennessee 70,270
Texas 79,480
Utah 77,540
Vermont 64,300
Virginia 91,460
Washington 119,540
West Virginia 58,020
Wisconsin 72,850
Wyoming 59,010

Bonuses and Benefit Packages

Becoming employed in this profession is not without advantages, which usually come in the form of monthly or yearly bonuses. Most employers offer their staff the possibility of working overtime for a little extra something.

Furthermore, you may be able to earn extra bonuses at the end of your projects, depending on its priority and the company’s policy.

All in all, if you’re still looking to get employed in this profession, the chances are that you will be able to earn an extra something at the end of the month.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 3.3 percent growth for the 2014-2024 timeframe, which means that the odds will be in your favor.


As a parting note, we have to say that the average computer programmer salary can vary according to various factors including, but not limited to, geographic area, company’s policy, job outlook and the employee’s level of experience.

On a more personal note, the job of a computer programmer is not all flowers and roses as you might expect. If you are still determined to go through with this, you will need to know that you’ll be in for some long shifts, and sometimes, you might have to work overtime in order to complete the project.

Furthermore, it may not seem like it, but the job of a computer programmer is a high-stress profession. But the more-than-adequate salary and the opportunity of actually writing a computer software from scratch are more than enough to make up for these obstacles.

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