This page will present the Terms of Use regarding the website and will highlight the main terms and conditions for website use. Throughout this document, the Website, namely its staff, writers, editors, and representatives, will be collectively referred to as “We, Us, and Our”, as the case may be. The User, defined as any person, private citizen or company, will be referred to as “You”, for simplicity.

1. Introduction

Any use of the website, regardless of the nature and location of the User, will be entirely subject to the hereby established Terms of Use. By freely choosing to access the website, you agree to respect the provisions of these Terms of Use and to abide by all the State, Federal or International laws and regulations concerning the website and corresponding online activity.

Should you, at any point, disagree with the abovementioned or with any provision of the Terms of Use, please desist from using the website immediately. Continuing to use the website will be considered as your acceptance of all provisions herein.

2. Terms

  • Personal Data collection and Privacy Policy

If you agree to use the website, then you also agree that some personal data will be collected as a result of your online activity on our website. The nature of the data, as specified in the Privacy Policy, shall be generally limited to your name and e-mail, and computer-related information (IP, cookies, browser and OP information etc.).

Under no circumstance shall we reveal or disclose your personal information to third parties, except in situations provided by law.

You are consequently forbidden to extract, attempt to extract or use personal data from another user. We take privacy and personal data protection very seriously, and should you breach the abovementioned term, you might be charged as per the legal provisions stating the penalties for breaching personal data.

  • Hacking and Illicit Activity

Hacking is strictly forbidden, as is any attempt to damage its pages, content or supporting software and infrastructure. Any attempt to damage or disrupt any equipment used by the website to ensure functionality will also be considered an offence. Any offender will answer for his actions in accordance with the laws at his/her principal place of residence.

We carry out all website-related activities in goodwill and we do our best to ensure that users have the best experience possible when using the website. We believe that such goodwill should be reciprocated by the users. Consequently, should you have reason to believe that a person or company is attempting to hack, damage or in any way disrupt content, software or hardware associated with our website, you should then duly inform us. Failure to do so equates to a breach of these present Terms of Use.

  • Linking and Affiliations

By accessing our website, you agree that you may use links to our pages and articles on your own website, blog or other materials. This, however, is conditioned by the nature of the link and the page/website it is inserted on. Specifically, any linking must not come into competition with our website in any way. In addition, any linking must not damage, or be able to damage, our website’s reputation and our staff’s and writer’ reputations. Any linking from pages with inappropriate or malicious content is strictly forbidden. In addition, we take the liberty to forbid linking to any article or content on our website as we see fit.

Any links to from another website are in no way a confirmation that we have endorsed the website or plan on endorsing it. Moreover, claiming any affiliation to us, without our prior consent, is strictly forbidden.

Finally, we are in no way responsible for content on websites containing links to our website and we cannot be held liable for any event occurring as a result of you using or accessing such websites.

  • Copyright and Use of Content

Users and visitors of are expressly forbidden to use any content, articles or pages from our website for their own purposes. You cannot copy, modify, publish or display content under any circumstance, without our approval. All content on our website in under the full incidence of copyright laws and any breach of these laws will be taken very seriously.

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, you may use content from our website for academic or research purposes, after receiving our consent. However, you may not attribute any article or content to yourself and you may not claim any undeserved of false affiliation to our website.

Any and all content you use on our website, for personal informative purposes or academic purposes, may not be altered or modified in any way. Importantly, any unfavorable consequence, misfortune or personal failure resulting from using our content and website, or from acting upon the information you obtained from our content and website, is your sole responsibility and we can in no way be held liable.

You may not, in any way, harass our staff. If we have reason to believe that any user or visitor engages in such behavior, we will take the liberty to block his/her access to our website.

  • Website activity

Using our website for commercial or advertising activities without our prior consent is strictly forbidden. In addition, any other attempt to alter or change information on our website will be considered an offence and will be treated as such.

3. Conditions

We reserve the right to perform any amendments to these Terms of Use at any time, without prior notification. If we perform changes, the date at the bottom of this page will also change to reflect the date of the latest version. If you continue to use, it will be interpreted as your tacit approval of all amendments and changes.

Our content is subject to change and/or removal. We take the liberty to alter or remove content as we see fit, when we see fit, without any prior notification. In addition, we cannot be held liable for any problems caused by content removal.

We take the liberty to suspend/terminate the website if we believe the situation requires it. We, or third parties, may not be held liable for such an action.

We cannot be responsible for any comments users post. Though malicious posts will be removed, we cannot be responsible for the user’s actions in this regards. We will also not monitor all posts and we encourage users to take responsibility for what they post.

We support and value privacy, personal data security, and copyrights. We consequently guarantee that all due measures will be taken in order to secure them with regard to our users and their contributions. However, we cannot be held responsible for any reproduction, display or modification that may in any way be similar to what the user has provided to us.

Any communications regarding our website, its content and its terms of use will be made solely by our staff.

Our staff members do their utmost to ensure that content is updated and as accurate as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that content is 100% accurate. If you choose to rely on the accuracy of the website’s content, the responsibility is solely yours. In addition, we cannot fully warrant the functionality of our website and of protection and security software. Should you choose to make a purchase or to access a link from our website, the consequences of such actions are solely your responsibility.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

All content on our website is protected by copyrights at all times, specifically by the provisions in force at the time of creation. Any use of content, fully or partially, from our website, is strictly forbidden and will be considered as copyright infringement. Any rights that you may have to our website’s content are listed in these present Terms of Use. For ease of reference, we would like to remind you that the use of materials and content from our website is possible for academic and research purposes, conditioned by giving you prior approval in this regard. However, this in no way grants you rights over the website’s content.

We take intellectual property rights and copyright infringement very seriously. If you have reason to believe that your intellectual property rights have been infringed, we would be very glad to help. Should you want to send us a message in this regards, write us an e-mail at