Pulmonologist Salary Guide and Career Outlook

The average pulmonologist will make $256,200 in the US and approximately $214,000 in Canada. UK doctors specializing in pulmonary medicine can expect a median yearly income of £59,000 ($77,600 USD). Salaries will vary for pulmonologists based on their location, experience level, bonuses, benefits, and other factors.

Do pulmonologists make high salaries out of their residencies? Where are some of the most promising areas for salaries of pulmonologists? Here, you can review what factors influence these salaries and how they shift due to location.

pulmonologist salary

How Much Does a Pulmonologist Make Per Year by Country?

Pulmonologists make between $200,000 and $252,000 on average in the United States and Canada. Australian and New Zealand pulmonologists can expect to earn between $150,000 and $160,000. UK and Indian specialists will make significantly less.

Pulmonologist Salary USCanadaUKAustraliaNew ZealandIndiaSouth Africa
Hourly Pay$121.25$102.88£23.37$73.27$76.92₹865R 620
Annual Pay$252,200$214,000£59,000$152,400$160,000₹1,800,000R 1,290,000

Pulmonologist Salary Influencing Factors

The salary for a pulmonologist will vary across the board. Some countries have nearly identical salaries while others are much higher or lower. Location, experience, the industry worked in and other factors are all keys in determining salary. Here, we will review these factors individually.

1. Location

Pulmonologists working in the US and Canada will see the highest salaries above $210,000. Those practicing in the United Kingdom will make much less with salaries ranging from a safe median of £50,000- £70,000 ($65,800- $92,100). Pulmonary specialist physicians in Australia and New Zealand will make closely tied salaries of $152,400 and $160,000, respectively ($119,900 & $112,300). Indian pulmonologists will make an average of ₹1,800,000 ($27,700). Finally, South African pulmonologists will pull a median R 1,290,000 ($94,900).

UK pulmonologists making less than others results from the overall low pay of physicians in the United Kingdom. Although this is considered a great salary there, it may not rival with some counterparts in the US and Canada. The very low salary for pulmonologists in India comes from the country’s low per capita income, ranked at 112 out of 164 across the globe by the World Bank. Those working for the government will likely earn less than those working for companies or in private practice.

How Much Does a Pulmonologist Make in the US?

Pulmonologist Salary USPer YearPer Hour
Bonus/Tip$10,000- $100,000N/A
OvertimeNo additional payNo additional pay
Total Pay$201,000- $408,000

How Much Does a Pulmonologist make in Canada?

Pulmonologist Salary CanadaPer YearPer Hour
Bonus/Tip$10,000- $40,000N/A
OvertimeNo additional payNo additional pay
Total Pay$96,000- $276,000

How Much does a Pulmonologist Make in the UK?

Pulmonologist Salary UKPer YearPer Hour
Bonus/Tip£10,000- £45,000N/A
OvertimeNo additional payNo additional pay
Total Pay£62,000- £132,000

How Much Does a Pulmonologist Make in Australia?

Pulmonologist Salary AustraliaPer YearPer Hour
Bonus/TipNo additional payNo additional pay
OvertimeNo additional payNo additional pay
Total Pay$71,000- $199,000

How Much Does a Pulmonologist Make in New Zealand?

Pulmonologist Salary New ZealandPer YearPer Hour
Bonus/TipNo additional payNo additional pay
OvertimeNo additional payNo additional pay
Total Pay$55,000- $210,000

How Much Does a Pulmonologist Make in India?

Pulmonologist Salary IndiaPer YearPer Hour
Bonus/TipNo additional payNo additional pay
OvertimeNo additional payNo additional pay
Total Pay₹524,000- ₹6,000,000

How Much Does a Pulmonologist Make in South Africa?

Pulmonologist Salary South AfricaPer YearPer Hour
MinimumR 301,000R 145
MaximumR 1,400,000R 673
Bonus/TipNo additional payNo additional pay
OvertimeNo additional payNo additional pay
Total PayR 301,000- R 1,400,000


Most pulmonologists start practicing as residents. At this stage, they will earn around $60,000 in the United States and Canada and around £20,000- £25,000 in the UK. A general rule across most countries is that most residents will earn three to four times less compared to those who have completed their residency. Pulmonologists in ten or less years of practice will earn $220,000- $230,000 in the US and around $137,000 in Canada. Those with 20 or more years of experience can expect to earn above $240,000 in the US and $200,000 in Canada. It usually takes between 15 and 20 years to become a truly well-versed professional in this field.


The field of industry a pulmonologist practices in will also affect their salaries on top of their bonuses and benefits. In the United States, pulmonologists working for the government can expect to earn a median salary of $230,000 with a range of $133k- $337k. Those working for hospitals and clinics will earn more, at $246,000. Pulmonologists in private practice earn the most, with a median of $260,000 and high of up to $352,000.

In the United Kingdom, government pulmonologists will make a median £62,000 and hospital or large practice specialists will earn £71,000 with a high of up to £116,000. Generally, those who perform well in large settings will receive higher bonuses and better benefits. Those in private practice receive considerable bonuses and extra compensation well.

Here are some specific salaries for pulmonologists across different companies/organizations:

  • Cumberland Medical Center- $223,000- $235,000
  • The Physician Network- $380,000- $412,000
  • Skilled Medical, AU- $160,000- $185,000
  • Southend University Hospital, UK- £77,000- £103,000

Schedule & Working Hours

Most pulmonologists keep office hours that stay around 40 hours per week. However, they often work 50-60 a week when there is higher demand to keep up with their workload. They generally see 40-60 patients a week. They should expect to see more patients/hours during demanding times such as winters.

Bonuses & Benefits

For most pulmonologists, bonuses will occur with higher experience. In terms of benefits, those who work for corporations or large practices may receive more options for insurance and other benefits. India is an exception to this, where many doctors do not receive bonuses or extra benefits unless they work for large practices like hospitals. Overall, those in the private sector will typically earn more and be able to buy more insurance/benefits offered to them.

The majority of pulmonologists have medical (94%), dental (75%), and vision (64%) insurance. The company or organization they work for will likely provide the insurance. In a solo practice, they may purchase it for themselves.

Career Outlook

The future is promising for pulmonologists, as a 22% growth in the industry is expected within the next ten years. Over 500,000 openings in respiratory medicine are expected to exist. This is a much faster rate of growth compared to the average for occupations in the US. In India, there are over 150 openings for pulmonologists at any given time. With many opportunities available across the globe, the education and training necessary to become a pulmonologist is worthwhile. Those who plan on practicing in the Western hemisphere will see the highest return for their investment with the highest salaries.


Pulmonologists are within a promising field of medicine. With job outlook looking positive and salaries that are competitive, it is worth an investment into. Of course, many factors such as location, experience, and bonuses will affect the overall salary range and career options. Despite having lower earning potential than other medical specialties, most states/countries compensate pulmonologists very well.


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