How Much Is The Publix Manager Salary

Publix ranks among the top ten grocery retailers in the United States. Founded in 1930 in Winterhaven, Florida, the chain includes groceries, deli-baked and prepared foods, housewares and grocery deliveries among its services. Its 1,188 stores operate across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Below we will discuss the Publix manager salary, benefits, and job duties. You will also see how the pay compares to other grocery retailers.

Publix Manager Salary: Job Description & Duties

Publix managers enforce and ensure the associate’s compliance with Publix’s quality and service standards. These include the techniques for cutting meat, the order of ingredients for bread, food safety standards, and pest control. So that Publix stores adequately meet these requirements and promote the corporate culture, Publix rarely hires management for its stores from outside the company. Instead, those that become Publix store managers often start as associates or managing a particular department of the store.

Managers also oversee the day-to-day operations of the store. These include inventory management, staffing, sales and waste reduction. Within the job description may also lie contributing to Publix’s community outreach. Store managers may appear with the community, civic and non-profit leaders or workers to present corporate donations or announce initiatives such as partnering with local soccer groups.

Publix Manager Salary & Benefits

According to Publix, the mean Publix manager salary registers at $123,000. Because Publix promotes managers from within the company, these professional have previously held positions in the company as assistant department managers, department managers, or assistant store managers. Average annual salaries for these positions run $50,000, $70,000 and $85,298 respectively.

The retirement plan for Publix managers and other associates includes stock in the company, furnished at no cost by Publix. With higher pay comes more stock in the manager’s account. Associates can also purchase additional privately-held stock. A 401(k) plan also affords retirement benefits for Publix managers.

Health benefits form part of the compensation in addition to the Publix manager salary. The group health plan includes prescription benefits. Vision and dental benefits come in group form as well. Publix also offers free flu shots and an employee assistance program. As full-time employees, Publix store managers receive paid vacation, six paid holidays per year. While those who work on a holiday can choose another day and treat it as a holiday day. Publix also pays for life insurance, which includes benefits for accidental death and dismemberment.

Alternative Companies Salaries

Harris Teeter operates in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida. According to Glassdoor, store managers for Harris Teeter earn a mean base pay of $71,000. With bonuses and other additional compensation, total pay averages at $82,499. The salary range runs from $63,000 to $102,721. This falls below the Publix manager salary.

Meanwhile, Whole Foods Market, Inc., headquartered in Austin, TX, pays its Store Team Leaders (store managers) between $54,751 and $140,000. The company, a subsidiary of Amazon, boasts 487 stores throughout North America and the United Kingdom. For a related field, you can also look at the Walmart manager salary.

The History of Publix 

The Roots of Publix

The history of Publix begins with a man named George W. Jenkins. His story starts out in Parrish, Georgia where he spent his days working at his father’s store. When he was nearing adulthood, He decided to make a huge move down to Tampa, Florida to begin chasing his dream of opening his own grocery store. When he arrived here, he would take a job as a simple store clerk at an average grocery store. Soon after, he would be promoted to manager and then transferred to one of the biggest grocery stores in the area. He was here for a few years, but after that, he was ready to begin his own grocery store just five years after leaving his hometown in Georgia. This is how Publix got its roots.

The Start of Publix

In 1930, Mr. Jenkins would open the first Publix Food Store in the area of Winterhaven. Then soon after, he would open up the second location. This was meant to be an experience for each and every shopper. Most people think of grocery stores as a place of convenience and easy shopping, an in and out concept, but George had other plans that involved luxury. He decorated the place with glass and marble and installed AC, bright lights and fancy structures.

The Beginning of A Supermarket Revolution

Just five years after he opened the first Publix supermarket, He bought a total of 19 grocery stores from a company and started replacing these small grocery stores with his Publix Supermarkets. He ended up expanding in a way that could not be quenched. He brought Publix to areas all throughout Florida. He wanted a place where people could go and feel happy as they shop, not begrudgingly, but in a place that has wonderful customer service, clean shelves and floors, and beautiful architecture.

The Continuation of Ideals

Even as the company grew and started spreading across the Southeast, they continued all the beloved Publix specialties like the delis, cooking schools, and the pharmacies. They never strayed from the original plan that George Jenkins had. He gave so many people jobs and proper training. For years in a row, Publix was considered the number one supermarket when it comes to customer satisfaction.

The Accomplishments and Recognition

It has been considered the best grocery store in the country and has really started the method of creating sustainable community stores that are in-service to their customers, as an example to other grocers. Publix is still growing and getting better every day. The values created by Mr. Jenkins are being instilled in each and every one of their employees and in the communities as well.

The Life and Legacy of George W. Jenkins and Publix

The story of Publix is the story of a man who created something from nothing. He took everything he learned from his training throughout his young life and applied it to Publix Superstores in order to create a magnificent business that would revolutionize the way people shop. This is a company you will want to be a part of!

Sustainability Initiatives at Publix

Publix does its absolute best to promote sustainability. They not only do this very well, but they do it with excellence. They take so many initiatives in being a supermarket that cares deeply about the environment and the impacts that such a large grocery store can have. They are trailblazers for all the grocery stores, and for us in our day-to-day lives. Here are just a few of Publix’s initiatives.


Lighting is one huge initiative. Publix has decided to use fluorescent lights in their stores with a new and improved design that saves on energy. This initiative saves 50 percent of the energy used to lite the stores and it is so helpful, especially in older stores that have bad lighting. On the basis of lighting, there are serious about when they leave the lights on. When there’s no one in the store, they turn off their lights, unlike many other businesses, which helps hugely to save on energy. LED technology is also used in its initiative to save 50 to 80% on energy. This LED initiative in lighting has taken place in 500 stores and they are being added on by the day.

Product Sourcing

Publix is serious about its product sourcing efforts. They do have products all around the world, but they are proud to say that they invest in local businesses in the community at a high magnitude. They are serious about supporting farms throughout the US and local products created by businesses in the area. Every single thing you can imagine in their stores is likely it to have a connection to supporting small businesses. This is very encouraging if you are serious about small business support like me! Knowing that they are not using huge chain businesses to stock their shelves and freezers is important. The fact that they care deeply about the community and have these ideals mean they are serious about investing in the community.

Reusable Bags

It’s a thing we hear about all the time these days. Use reusable straws, use reusable bags at grocery stores when you shop, recycle, implement sustainability in the home, etc. The world is trying to go in the direction of sustainability and Publix is not in the least a partner. They are always looking for ways to take plastic products and replace them with reusable ones. For more than 20 years Publix has offered reusable bags to their customers in the form of cotton cloth bags. There are all types of reusable bags made from recycled material that are made to be used over and over again to carry groceries. They sell millions of these bags to the customers and deeply implement this in the ideals of employees and of the customers, giving all the benefits of using these bags every time the shop up front.

This is something that every grocery store should be doing, and all are moving in this direction, but Publix has truly trailblazed this in many ways, just like they have in many other areas. Publix has a goal of reducing the usage of plastic bags across all locations. They have campaigns that encourage customers to use these and they showcase that it saves millions of dollars for Publix and helps the earth greatly. We don’t realize how much the plastic bags that we get grocery stores out of sheer convenience can affect all of us.


Publix is a big proponent of recycling. The entire company has a goal to get every store in every location to join in. They have made so much leeway in this effort, too. There are thousands of cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic that gets recycled from Publix constantly. Publix has been able to save almost 4,000,000 trees and keep out so much waste from landfills. They also save tons of water in this initiative. This is done because of their in-store and out of store recycling places that are offered for every bit of plastic and paper that is used at Publix.


Publix cares about the environment as we have already said. But you may be surprised to hear that this even includes the trucks that deliver everything you see in the supermarket. They believe in packing their trucks full and getting as much as they can out of every single mile and each gallon of gas. Publix knows how to save and they do it well when it comes to the transportation of goods. They are even in the business of getting hybrid vehicles so that the environment does not get harmed by transportation.

Publix Cares

Publish clearly cares about the planet, so this is a business you will be proud to support by becoming any type of employee, especially a Publix manager. They are concerned with more than just making a buck. People and the earth are the things they invest in heavily, which would give anyone thinking about working at this establishment peace of mind. 

Where Shopping Is a Pleasure: 7 Reasons Why Publix Is a Fantastic Grocery Store

Publix has so much to offer that you may not even know about! Let’s walk through everything this store is so that you can figure out exactly how special it would be to become a Publix manager. 

1. Great Customer Service 

Study after study and statistic after statistic has proven that customer service is a huge factor when it comes to reasons why customers may become regulars and go back again and again to an establishment. This is true of Publix. They make it their goal to be helpful, know you by name, and please you. Their return policy is easy and helpful. All their managers are nice and you will not see an employee of any kind- neither the butcher, the man who makes the sushi, or a lead manager, who does not offer to help you when they see you. You cannot get away with looking lost or in need of help at a Publix. If you are a regular at public, it is likely that you know a few people by name and vise versa. 

For this reason, a huge chain takes on the characteristics of a small corner grocery store. People love to feel at home, and many will tell you they enjoy Publix for how they are treated and made to feel by  the employees. At Publix, no request you make to an employee an employees- is too silly. They are there to make shopping a pleasurable experience for you. That means they will cut anything the way you like it, help you look for things in all areas of the store, and they always do it with a smile! If you are interested in shopping somewhere where you are treated with the best customer service, family like care, and excellence, Publix is your spot! The Publix manager salary is well deserved.  

2. Their Food Is a Dream

Their food is beloved in communities where Publix is an option. Their subs are truly unmatched no matter where you go in the world, according to many (including me). The best part about getting adub at a grocery store is that the options for which meat, bread, and condiments are used are truly endless. Their sushi is fresh and incredible for a grocery store option, as well as reasonably priced. Their bakery is loved by many and raved about. When you go to a birthday party in the south, people don’t ask if it’s chocolate or vanilla, but if it’s public or somewhere else. 

Where I’m from in Miami, FL, the bakery is a staple of the community. It is stock full of hispanic and island type of food that is delicious. Shopping is always more fun with a snack in hand! You can get everything from the best doughnut you’ve ever had, a cookie for your kiddos for free, or a wedding cake at the Publix bakery. Since Publix is in the south, we have to take a moment to rave about their fried chicken. Wow! It truly tastes like it has come out of a southern Grandma’s kitchen. With Publix down the street, you’ll never work what you will eat for lunch, or what you will set on the table for the family at dinner time. 

3. All Locations Are Clean and Neat

Other grocery stores that I will not name are not as loved simply because they are not clean. No one wants to buy their food in a store that does not feel taken care of. It is a huge turnoff to business. But in Publix, it is obvious the level of upkeep had. You regularly see someone mopping, sweeping, wiping things down, organizing the stock, etc. Another great thing about Publix is the organization. No matter which location you go to, it is likely that you will find similar or replicated isles. The layout is simple because shopping should be simple. The isles are big enough to where you are not on top of the customer next to you and you can easily push your cart through the isles without fear of hitting anyone. Publix thrives on excellence in all they do, and the areas of cleanliness and organization are not lost on them, clearly. All you need to do to prove this theory is walk down the isles of one. 

4. They Are Store Brand Rockstars

We hear it all the time, store brand stinks. That is the general consensus everywhere. But when it comes to Publix, this could not be further from the truth. The store brand is actually the best brand, in many opinions. Their own brand is quality, it is made with excellence, and that goes for both the packaging and the cooked stuff (as you can see above). 

5. They Joined the 21st Century

Many grocery stores are refusing to join the order before/online/pickup craze. Not Publix. They care about the convenience of their customers, so that means you can order groceries, deli meats, or anything else online before you come into the store. Many people begin shopping somewhere else because they feel that their grocery store is outdated, but you will not face this issue at Publix! 

6. Publix Has DEALS

There is one thing you cannot deny, Publix knows how to offer the savings. Their most common type of deal is the “BOGO”, which means “buy one get one”. Many feel that Publix is expensive, until they look at their savings offers. Many mothers I know personally (including my own)  have said before “I shop elsewhere for xyz, but I shop BOGO at Publix! They have a magazine when you walk in with all their deals. All around the store you will see signs for BOGO, 10 for $10, and other deals like these. This saves incredible amounts of money and helps you stock up for the future. They are not stingy with their deals at Publix, yet they offer quality! It is the greatest blessing and oxymoron possible. So the next time you hear someone complain about how expensive Publix grocery store is, let them know about the deals that will help them save! 

7. Apron Cooking School

Publix offers free samples, but there is so much more here than just that. This is Cooking School in Publix that will show you how to create recipes and then sample them, all done by a professional. There’s a demonstration given with all the ingredients on a card that you can take home with you. These recipe cards are all around the store for you to pick up and purchase the right ingredients while you shop in order to make your perfect dinner meal. This is a one-of-a-kind offer that even the fanciest grocery stores do not have. You’ll not only get a sample, but you will also get a perfect dinner recipe to recreate. What more could you ask for from a grocery store?

Why Work at Publix?

At Publix, Coworkers Are Friends

Would it shock you if I told you that one of the top reasons those who work at Publix say it is a great experience is because they have made some of their closest friends on the job? This is a company where comradery abounds. The people who work here truly love being in the presence of their coworkers. You can make some of your best friends at Publix working as any employee, including being a manager!

Publix Cares for Their Employees

Publix is a dream place to work because they take care of their employees. They have so many options that allow employees to get great health care, which is a huge necessity for many working people. Publix is great for helping people get a better education, helping with college. Who wouldn’t benefit from furthering their education through the provision of their job? Another factor that Publix offers is a retirement plan. Being able to save for your future allows you to breathe deeply now and not worry about what will come next for you and your family when your working days are over.

Publix Keeps It in the Family

If you work at Publix, you are also getting plenty of employee discounts and products at a low cost, which will make your shopping cheaper and smoother! Lastly, Publix is known and prides itself on its employee ownership of the company. they offer an employee stock which allows you to buy into the company you serve to faithfully, not to mention the year-end bonuses that Publix provides to its employees in order to distribute the company wealth!

Another thing Publix does to show that their employees are valuable is promote from within the company. If you want to be a manager, you need to start at a lower position and work your way up. This is simply the Publix way!

Publix Cares for the Community

Publix is a place you will feel good about working because they take a special interest in getting involved in their community. They take initiatives that allow so much money and manpower to be given to worthy causes.

Publix Cares about Equal Opportunities

One of the best things about working at Publix is their care for diversity. They are concerned with representing their customers in their employees, and in bringing awareness to all the different kinds of people that exist in the world. If you have been pushed aside in other jobs because of color, creed, sexuality and gender identity, Publix will accept you with arms wide open.

Final Thoughts on a Publix Manager Salary

Publix is a fantastic place to work. There are so many parts that make this a great company for both the employee and the consumer. You will never regret working here because the Publix manager salary, benefits, and ideals, are fully unmatched. 

Overall, the Publix manager salary runs generally at or above other chains. Stock-based retirement benefits, healthcare and generous vacation and holiday pay serve Publix’s goals of retaining associates who may become store managers. In fact, most of Publix’s store managers have worked in the store as associates and advanced through management ranks. Please let us know your experience and salary if you have been a Publix manager.

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