How Much Is The PetSmart Store Manager Salary

If you have a love for animals but also have a passion for retail, then a career at PetSmart may be just what you’re looking for. But, what is the PetSmart store manager salary?

Working at PetSmart, especially as a store manager, involves a wide array of tasks and duties.

You must be able to handle store operations, manage the care of pets, and manage all employees and customers.

This is definitely not a job for everyone, but it could be the perfect career choice for you.

PetSmart Store Manager Salary: Job Descriptions & Duties

The manager of PetSmart oversees a number of activities. They make sure all customer service is operating smoothly and keep an eye on the inventory.

They also supervise store workers and generally make sure that everything in the business is running at the optimal level.

In addition, it is crucial to have a strong knowledge of the care and feeding of pets.

Therefore, it is safe to say that this job requires a large variety of skills.

In order to be successful in managing a PetSmart store, good leadership skills are essential. Also, flexibility and creative thinking are important.

For example, a PetSmart manager may be assigned to a business which is struggling. Their responsibility will be to figure out how to get that business off the ground.

This requires a high level of on-your-feet thinking and poise. A manager must be willing to work with what they have been given and make challenging decisions regarding the future of the company.

PetSmart duties

Managers of PetSmart are tasked with a variety of duties daily. These include:

  • Stock management: Merchandise products, oversee and execute inventory control
  • Staffing: Hiring new staff, provide sales training
  • Financial management: Create budgets to manage costs, make sure that sales goals are met
  • Customer service: Maintain and monitor high standards
  • Animal care: Ensure all animals in the store are treated humanely and according to guidelines and laws

PetSmart Store Manager Salary & Benefits

The PetSmart store manager salary is expected to be around $45,758 per year.

However, some managers make less, for example, those just starting out could make as little as $35,000 per year.

Nevertheless, there is also room for growth.

A manager that has spent considerable time in his job will make as much as $67,000 per year.

Overall, as with most companies, the longer you stay the larger your salary will tend to become, so commitment is key.

As far as benefits go, managers get an employee discount of 50 percent on a limited variety of in-store options.

Managers get vacations and paid time off, as well as full health benefits. However, the latter two options are only available for those who are working full-time.

At PetSmart, 36 hours a week constitutes the minimum hourly requirement for a full-time worker.

The health benefits are described by PetSmart workers as okay, but not great. Some also feel a bit resentful that the benefits are only available to full-time workers.

PetSmart also offers a typical 401(k) plan for retirement which is described by workers as relatively average.

Job outlook

Most major pet store chains have expanded rapidly in the last few years. The pet product industry has also greatly benefited from a steady increase in consumer pet spending.

According to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics, the job outlook for animal and service workers is expected to grow by 22 percent. This is much faster than the national average, which is seven percent.

Work environment and schedule

PetSmart managers will spend working hours inside the store full of noises from animals.

The store may carry smells from the animals, especially from excrement.

The position is typically low-stress, due to the animals and the general mood of the customers who shop there.

As for the schedule, a store manager is typically full-time. The position may also require extra hours if the store is short-staffed.

It also is likely that you may have to work some evenings, weekends, and holidays, as this is a retail environment.

Education Required to Become a PetSmart Store Manager

There are a few basic things required to become a PetSmart Store Manager, although these may vary depending on the location and size of the store.

Bachelor’s Degree

Most stores require a four-year degree in marketing, business management, or a related field.


Most pet store management positions will require three to five years of retail sales experience, preferably in a managerial role.

Working in sales or animal health fields will also give you an advantage.

Additionally, a good working knowledge of pet products helps a lot.

A lot of store managers being as a store associate and work their way up by gaining experience.


As the manager of a pet store, you must have a working knowledge of:

  • Human resources policies
  • Budgeting
  • Financial planning
  • Merchandising
  • Computer-based technology
  • Animal care
  • Scheduling
  • Facility maintenance

Pet Manager Skills

Being the manager of PetSmart involves a wide array of skills and qualities. These include:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills: communicate effectively with employees and customers
  • Decision-making: make the right decisions quickly
  • Dependability: Keep commitments and take care of tasks; Live animals depend on care
  • Customer service: Set the tone for the rest of the employees; Resolve any conflicts
  • Leadership: Motivate staff to do their best; delegate responsibilities

Alternative Companies Salary

Managers of PetSmart tend to do a bit worse financially than managers of PetCo, who make $52,253 each year, according to Glassdoor.

They also make less than managers at Pet Supplies Plus, who make about $49,994 per year.

Is Becoming a PetSmart Store Manager Right for You?

We found out the PetSmart store manager salary is anywhere from $35,000 to $67,000 per year, learned about their paid vacation time and health benefits. So, what do you think about the salary for managers at PetSmart? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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