Nutritionist Salary Guide & Career Outlook

The nutritionist salary in the United States is $41,586, and in Australia, it is very similar at AU$53,269 ($40,836). In South Africa, the salary is R 205,353 ($15,732). The highest salary is in New Zealand at NZ$70,000 ($49,244). However, the lowest equivalent salary is in India at Rs 289,061 ($4,461). A nutritionist career is an essential part of society to ensure a balanced diet. They are especially important in areas where access to healthy food is not always an option.

This article covers the nutritionist salary range in 7 countries and the effect of experience and industry. Therefore, you can judge if this career path is for you.

How Much Does a Nutritionist Make per Year by Country?

Nutritionist Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Pay $17.08 C$15.86 ($11.90) E12.02* ($12.91) AU$25.61 ($19.63) NZ$23.65 ($23.67) Rs 138.97* ($2.14) R98.72* ($7.56)
Annual Pay $41,586 C$47,889 ($35,922) E25,008 ($26,909) AU$53,269 ($40,836) NZ$70,000 ($49,244) Rs 289,061 ($4,461) R205,353 ($15,732)

*These figures are estimated based on the other pay information given. This assumes a 40 hour work week.

nutritionist salary

Nutritionist Salary Influencing Factors

The nutritionist salary will vary based on what database the pay information comes from. This information is from Payscale for all of the countries included in this study with the exception of New Zealand.

1. Location

How Much Does a Nutritionist Make in the US?

Nutritionist Salary US Per Year Per Hour
Minimum  $29,196  $10.46
Maximum  $73,268  $28.56
Bonus  $817.00 – $48,936  No additional pay
Comission  $1,000  No additional pay
Total Pay  $25,690 – $67,739.

How Much Does a Nutritionist Make in Canada?

Nutritionist Salary Canada Per Year Per Hour
Minimum  C$19,000  C$10.68
Maximum  C$88,578  C$30.90
Bonus  C$1,850  No additional pay
Overtime  No additional pay  C$19.50
Total Pay  C$21,782 – C$78,297

How Much Does a Nutritionist Make in the UK?

Nutritionist Salary UK Per Year Per Hour
Minimum  E19,000  E9.13
Maximum  E37,000  E17.78
Bonus  No additional pay  No additional pay
Overtime  No additional pay  No additional pay
Total Pay  E19,392 – E35,895

How Much Does a Nutritionist Make in Australia?

Nutritionist Salary Australia Per Year Per Hour
Minimum  AU$45,000  AU$19.48
Maximum  AU$78,561  AU$71.47
Bonus  AU$3,500  No additional pay
Overtime  No additional pay  AU$50.00
Total Pay  AU$41,163 – AU$79,795

How Much Does a Nutritionist Make in New Zealand?

Nutritionist Salary New Zealand Per Year Per Hour
Minimum  NZ$48,000  Unavailable
Maximum  NZ$98,000  Unavailable
Bonus  Unavailable  Unavailable
Overtime  No additional pay  No additional pay
Total Pay  NZ$100,000

How Much Does a Nutritionist Make in India?

Nutritionist Salary India Per Year Per Hour
Minimum  Rs 122,237  Rs 58.76
Maximum  Rs 496,937  Rs 238.91
Bonus  Rs 4,000  No additional pay
Overtime  No additional pay  No additional pay
Total Pay  Rs 122,237 – Rs 512,780

How Much Does a Nutritionist Make in South Africa?

Nutritionist Salary South Africa Per Year Per Hour
Minimum  R18,383  Unavailable
Maximum  R704,674  Unavailable
Bonus  No additional pay  No additional pay
Overtime  No additional pay  No additional pay
Total Pay  R18,548 – R698,098

2. Experience

In the United States, the pay is relatively constant until they have acquired 10 years of experience. From there, it increases quickly from $42,500 to $57,500. In Canada, entry-level nutritionists earn a salary 8 percent below the median of C$35,000. Meanwhile, experienced ones have a salary 47 percent above this median. In addition, the salary in the United Kingdom is 4 percent below the median for new nutritionists and 34 percent above for those in the middle of their career. However, in New Zealand, new nutritionists make about $48,000. Meanwhile, veteran nutritionists earn up to NZ$98,000.

The most common pay range is those with 1 to 4 years of experience in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and India.

3. Industry

The nutritionist industry is experiencing a revival. That is due to an increasing concerns over obesity and associated chronic health conditions. Therefore, the world has a higher focus on healthy eating. In addition, nutritionists are increasingly in use by social food programs, such as those provided in schools or senior citizen centers.

Nutritionists are not doctors. However, they are part of the overall healthcare team. Often a doctor will refer a person to a nutritionist if they have health concerns or an associated illness. Others, such as OB/GYNs will use the aid of nutritionist to help women get the healthiest diet possible. There are currently about 69,000 people employed as nutritionists in the United States. Their collective annual revenue is over $10,000,000. Thus, it’s a thriving career choice.

Around 30 percent of nutritionists work in hospitals. Meanwhile, 14 percent work for the government and 10 percent work in nursing home facilities. The states that hire the greatest number of nutritionists are California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania. For the highest nutritionist salary, California takes the lead at $62,960.

Schedule & Working Hours

Most will work full-time. However, this is a flexible position, and some will call for someone who is looking for flex-time or part-time work. Additionally, it is typical for these professionals to work evenings and weekends. This is particularly true for private practice nutritionists who will see people on a flexible schedule.

In the United Kingdom, nutritionists will work 37.5 hours per week. They can expect to work Monday through Friday in a variety of places. Thus, the nutritionist duties will be in hospitals or outpatient surgery centers.

Bonuses & Benefits

When deciding on which degree or field of study to select, one’s personal interests should combine with a selection that has solid job openings. A nutritionist is open to a large variety of fields upon graduation. This is one of the large benefits of being. There are a number of industries and types of jobs to have. They could work for food manufacturers, conduct their own research, or as a teacher. Nutritionists who get certified as a dietician will have better job opportunities and benefits.

Also, they have a huge intrinsic benefit in helping people achieve their health goals. This is a very rewarding aspect of the job.

The table below shows healthcare benefits by country. It is possible that some employers will offer comprehensive health care that covers dental and vision care. It is also likely that part-time employees will not see the same benefits as full-time ones. If a (–) is present, this means that the data is not currently available.

Country United States Canada United Kingdom Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Medical 66 56 22 17 50 83
Dental 50 48 0 0 7 17
Vision 43 44 11 0 7 17
None 32 44 67 83 50 17

Career Outlook

Fortunately, the nutritionist career outlook is quite positive. In the United States, this field is expected to grow 16 percent through the year 2024. The focus on healthy eating and a holistic approach to healthcare has increased the importance of nutritionists.

Nutritionists who are comfortable with technology, online teaching, and communicating information in a variety of formats will find more success in the information age. While the most popular states were listed above, these are often the states with a large population. If you are looking for a less populated state, the highest quotient of nutritionists are in Rhode Island, Alaska, Nebraska, Hawaii, and West Virginia.


A nutritionist salary is relatively moderate. They can increase it by becoming a certified dietitian, which is a solid version of a nutritionist degree. This eliminates the influx of people who call themselves nutritionists without any formal training. They must stay committed to lifelong learning, as research will discover new aspects of balanced diets and quality foods on a budget.

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