Nurse Practitioner Salary Guide and Career Outlook

Nurse practitioners earn an average salary of $91,548 yearly in the United States. While those living in Canada earn C$87,542 ($71,111) per year. The nurse practitioner salary in the UK stands at £29,373 ($41,833) annually. Same professionals working in Australia make about AU$90,000 ($72,771) per year.

The median pay for a nurse practitioner from New Zealand is NZ$66,866 ($49,102) each year. While those from India earn Rs 353,749 ($5,560) per year. South African nurse practitioners win around R314,352 ($26,443) per year. Before deciding to become a nurse practitioner is best to know every aspect of the salary and the outlook of the career. Our guide will cover every aspect that influences the nurse practitioner salary.

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How Much Does a Nurse Practitioner Make per Year by Country?

Nurse Practitioner Salary USCanadaUKAustraliaNew ZealandIndiaSouth Africa
Hourly Pay$48.75C$47.11 ($38.27)£17.34 ($24.70)AU$36.48 ($29.50)NZ$32.14* ($23.60)Rs 170.07* ($2.67)R163 ($13.71)
Annual Pay$91,548C$87,542 ($71,111)£29,373 ($41,833)AU$90,000 ($72,771)NZ$66,866 ($49,102)Rs 353,749 ($5,560)R314,352 ($26,443)

A (*) means that the hourly pay was extrapolated from the annual pay

Nurse Practitioner Salary Influencing Factors

Experience, education, and location all influence the nurse practitioner salary. In some countries, nurse practitioners who work in high demand areas earn more. Also, nurse practitioners can choose to advance their education and earn a doctorate, which will result in a higher salary. The information we have presented here to you is gathered from Payscale and BLS.

1. Location

How Much Does a Nurse Practitioner Make in the US?

Nurse Practitioner Salary USPer YearPer Hour
Bonus$16,000No additional pay
OvertimeNo additional pay$91.19
Total Pay$73,951 to $122,007

How Much Does a Nurse Practitioner Make in Canada?

Nurse Practitioner Salary CanadaPer YearPer Hour
BonusC$3,100No additional pay
OvertimeNo additional payC$60.00
Total PayC$59,752 to C$111,601

How Much Does a Nurse Practitioner Make in the UK?

Nurse Practitioner Salary UKPer YearPer Hour
Bonus£1,019No additional pay
OvertimeNo additional pay£35.12
Total Pay£13,728 to £45,276

A (*) means that the hourly rate was extrapolated from the annual pay.

How Much Does a Nurse Practitioner Make in Australia?

Nurse Practitioner Salary AustraliaPer YearPer Hour
BonusAU$1,700No additional pay
OvertimeNo additional payAU$40.00
Total PayAU$51,578 to AU$127,682

How Much Does a Nurse Practitioner Make in New Zealand?

Nurse Practitioner Salary New ZealandPer YearPer Hour
BonusNo additional payNo additional pay
OvertimeNo additional payNo additional pay
Total PayNZ$47,903 to NZ$97,805

The (*) means that the hourly rate was extrapolated from the annual pay

How Much Does a Nurse Practitioner Make in India?

Nurse Practitioner Salary IndiaPer YearPer Hour
MinimumRs 200,000Rs 96.15*
MaximumRs 860,000Rs 413.46*
BonusNo additional payNo additional pay
OvertimeNo additional payNo additional pay
Total PayRs 200,000 to Rs 860,000

A (*) means that the hourly rate was extrapolated from the annual pay

How Much Does a Nurse Practitioner Make in South Africa?

Nurse Practitioner Salary South AfricaPer YearPer Hour
BonusR405,470No additional pay
OvertimeNo additional payR135
Total PayR195,769 to R482,800

2. Experience

A US beginner nurse practitioner may earn a median salary of $90,000 per year. After 5-10 years of experience, the salary will be $97,000 yearly. The salary keeps rising year after year, reaching $101,000 after 10-20 years on the job, and $105,000 per year after 20 years.

In the UK we see a similar rise in pay, from ₤20,000 at the entry-level to ₤31,000 per year at mid-career. Then there is a more significant rise for professionals with 10 to 20 years of experience to ₤37,000 every year. Until it reaches ₤39,000 in the late-career and remains the same thereafter.

In South Africa the evolution of the pay over years is a bit different, it starts from R282,000 per year, then rises to R338,000 after 5-10 years of experience. After that, there is the biggest increase in pay this professional will see, of R370,000 after 10-20 years of experience. However, after 20 years on the job, the pay reaches R252,000, an even lower level than at the beginning.

3. Industry

Nurse practitioners work in many different fields. Some may work in hospitals or private practices, schools and universities, government offices, or with other nurse practitioners. About 15% of nurse practitioners have their own private practices. Other places where nurse practitioners can work include healthcare technology companies, teaching, or working in research.

  • Physician offices nurse practitioners – $99,760
  • Healthcare centers nurse practitioners – $103,710
  • Hospitals nurse practitioners – $105,690
  • Specialty clinics nurse practitioners – $117,690

Schedule & Working Hours

Most nurse practitioners work full time. Since they can work in so many different locations, schedules may vary. Depending on their place of work, they may have to work evenings and weekends, creating an unconventional schedule. Some work on call, scheduled like physicians.

Bonuses & Benefits

CountryUnited StatesCanadaUnited KingdomAustraliaNew ZealandIndiaSouth Africa

Nurse practitioners have the opportunity to earn bonuses in many countries. Most earn full benefits as well. What sets nurse practitioners apart from registered nurses is that they can perform many of the same duties as a doctor such as performing physicals, ordering diagnostics, and prescribing medication. They can work without the supervision of a doctor. In Australia, full-time nurse practitioners receive benefits such as leave loading and qualification allowances. They may also receive incentives such as shift allowances.

Career Outlook

The outlook of nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners should grow over 31% through the year 2026, much faster than average. This need for nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses is expected to grow due to the retirement of the baby boom population. With the number of baby boomers retiring, the demand for advanced practice nurses will continue to grow.

In areas where fewer nurse practitioners work, the demand may be higher. In Alaska, one of the states with the lowest number of nurse practitioners, the pay is one of the highest. The demand for nurse practitioners all over the world is expected to continue to grow due to the rising demands of health care.

Since nurse practitioners have advanced degrees, they will usually earn more than a registered nurse without the advanced training. A nurse practitioner will spend an additional two to four years in school. The requirement of becoming a registered nurse includes passing the National Council Licensure Examination or the NCLEX-RN.


Nurse practitioners have to complete many years of training, but the education pays off. They are able to work without the supervision of a doctor and many have their own private practices. Moreover, the demand for advanced practice nurses is expected to grow considerably over the next several years. To find out what is the pay for similar positions look at the licensed practical nurse salary and the travel nurse salary.

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