How Much Is The McDonald’s Manager Salary

Our article will inform you about the types of managers that McDonald’s hire. We will also discuss about the McDonalds manager salary for each level, as well as give you a short description of what each job consists of and also a sample of comparative jobs and their salaries.

McDonalds Manager Job Description & Duties

mcdonalds manager salary

The McDonald’s store¬†manager job is based on fully managing and controlling all restaurant operations. Firstly, we have the store manager that manages the staff, which is about 75 employees per store. The McDonalds manager salary is earned by controlling profitability, optimizing restaurant management and overseeing sales, human resources, and managing the team in their store.

An assistant manager aids the restaurant manager in all management tasks and manages the restaurant when the manager is absent. The shift manager ensures everything is under control during their shift. They will manage on average 15 to 20 employees.

A McDonald’s store manager needs to be a well-organized individual who displays leadership and managerial skills while doing it autonomously. They also need to be very disciplined and self-driven.

McDonalds Manager Salary & Benefits

The McDonald’s salary for a shift manager is on average $10.24 per hour, this is $21,299 per year ($1,624 monthly), according to It is possible to increase one’s salary over time. For instance, a McDonald’s assistant manager salary is $38,525 per year. The McDonalds salary for a general manager climbs to $12.82 per hour, and a median of $44,479 per year according to

Also, McDonald’s offers many benefits, first of all, there is a health insurance plan that supports the employee and family’s health and that help protect them from financial hardship in the event of serious illness, injury, or death. McDonald’s offers a range of plans so the employee can choose what is best for the employee and their family.

McDonald’s also offers a comprehensive dental plan. They also offer many types of life insurance, including basic life insurance, dependent life, accidental death and dismemberment plans. These life insurance plans are all at no cost to the employee. McDonald’s also offers 401k plans, with matching contributions for some eligible employees. They offer vacation plans and even sabbatical programs for long-term employees (10 years working) if they need an extended time off.

Alternative Companies Salary

One of the main competitors of McDonald’s is Burger King. Their salaries, as reported by, are $9.98 per hour for a shift manager, that is $21,680 per year, and $1,622 monthly. For an assistant manager, the median salary is $31,522 per year ($2,626 monthly). While a general manager receives a median salary of $32,843 each year.

At Wendy’s, a shift manager makes $18,411 per year, which is less than the same professional makes per year at McDonald’s and Burger King. An assistant manager wins $26,426¬†annually and $2,202 monthly. For a general manager, the salary is on average $37,965 yearly, which is $3,167 monthly.


As you can see, McDonald’s offers a competitive salary for all levels of managers. It also offers the opportunity to increase one’s salary over time and to move up with more pay and responsibility. It also offers a wide range of benefits. If you are interested in salaries in the food industry, you can also look at the KFC manager salary. Moreover, if you are looking for a job as a manager in food service you can surely try McDonald’s!

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