How Much Is The McDonalds Cashier Salary

The “Golden Arches” help form one of the fast-food industry’s most famous brands. As at any other fast food restaurant, customers have their first and primary contact with the cashier. Here, we describe the job conditions, duty and pay of McDonald’s cashiers and compare the McDonalds cashier salary with the pay of cashiers of two of McDonald’s competitors.

McDonald’s Cashier Job Description & Duties

mcdonalds cashier salary

A McDonald’s cashier does more than collect orders and payments. The job description mixes elements of customer service and salespeople. Cashiers answer questions about “Happy Meals,” special deals and gift cards and encourage diners to purchase them. Patience and listing help cashiers understand customer complaints and offer solutions. In many restaurants, cashiers assist with fulfilling orders by placing the foods in bags or on trays and preparing coffees, milkshakes, smoothies, and other beverages.

Although McDonald’s touts flexible hours for employees, McDonald’s cashiers may have late-evening or night, early morning and weekend shifts. Part-time characterizes the hours of many cashiers at McDonald’s and other establishments. As a result, cashiers may not have the full menu of job benefits. For future promotion aspects, you can also look at the McDonald’s manager salary.

McDonalds Cashier Salary & Benefits

Glassdoor reports that a McDonald’s cashier earns $8 per hour on a mean basis, while the median annual McDonalds cashier salary stands at $24,357. The hourly rates run between minimum wage, which is $7.25 per hour, and $15.00 maximum.

Generally, perks such as insurance, retirement, and vacations depend on the practices of the franchisees of McDonald’s. These benefits likely do not follow part-time cashiers. Some McDonald’s cashiers report to Glassdoor compensation beyond the hourly pay. On a mean basis, the annual additional pay runs at $736, with the range starting at $208 and reaching a maximum of $4,544.

High school and college students often populate the cashier and crew positions at McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants. With this in mind, McDonald’s offers eligible cashiers assistance with education. For cashiers who log at least 15 hours per week, 90 days on the job creates eligibility for the “Archways to Opportunity Program.” These benefits include tuition up-front funds to apply to tuition at accredited colleges and universities. Cashiers can vie for one of three McDonalds Scholarships awarding each recipient $7,500. McDonald’s also offers 50 scholarships each at $2,500. According to employees, other benefits include discounts for movie tickets, groceries, and restaurants, while free meals from McDonald’s come to their employees.

Alternative Companies Salary

The McDonalds cashier salary corresponds generally with that collected by competitors in the fast food sector. According to Glassdoor, cashiers at Burger King establishments fetch on average $8 per hour. Wages run between minimum wage ($7.25 per hour) and $15 per hour. Glassdoor cites higher additional pay for Burger King cashiers, with the mean figure at $4,000 per year. Accounting for the base and extra pay, annual salaries for Burger King cashiers register at $16,296 every year.

Hardee’s cashiers garner between $7.25 and $11 per hour, so the maximum hourly wage falls below that at McDonald’s and Burger King. According to Glassdoor comments, full-time Hardee’s cashiers can amass paid leave based on years of service.


Finally, the McDonalds cashier salary and benefits reflect the nature of this job often as part-time and lacking in insurance or retirement plans. For many, the McDonalds cashier job introduces youth to the workforce and can help fund college education. Indeed, McDonald’s makes available tuition assistance and scholarships as part of the cashier job benefits. If you are a McDonald’s cashier or have been one, please share your experiences of your pay and job conditions.

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