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How Much Is The Kroger Store Manager Salary 2021 | Salaries HUB

How Much Is The Kroger Store Manager Salary

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger operates as 2,800 stores employing over 20 brands in 35 states. We will discuss the Kroger store manager salary, specifically the pay for those in Kroger-branded establishments. In this presentation, you’ll also learn the expectations of Kroger store managers, benefits that accompany the base Kroger store manager salary, and the pay of managers at two other grocery stores.

Kroger Store Manager Description & Duties

Kroger store manager salary

Kroger depends on its store managers to promote the chain’s financial health. To that end, duties include budgeting for sales and spending on labor, supplies, utilities and store maintenance. Store managers bear ultimate accountability for stopping loss of merchandise through theft and spoilage and the store’s achievement of weekly, monthly and yearly sales and profit goals. Coordinators, field staff and district managers may lend suggestions or directives to store managers in promoting the store’s strong financial performance.

The Kroger store manager job description includes training the associates and supervising assistant and department managers to achieve store goals. In wearing the leadership hat, Kroger store managers evaluate the staff’s performance, reinforce good and safe practices, and suggest or direct improvements. Successful stores require that the store manager adequately staff shifts and reduce employee turnover to the extent reasonably practicable. In some stores, managers also interact with unions that represent workers.

Kroger Store Manager Salary & Benefits

According to Glassdoor, the Kroger store manager salary runs on a mean basis at $61,500 per year. This employee can also receive additional compensation like cash bonuses averaging $17,000, profit sharing of $2,000, and $6,360 worth of commission-sharing. For a similar occupation, you can also have a look at the Publix manager salary.

For Kroger store managers, there also exist opportunities to own part of the company. Glassdoor reports a mean value of $2,000 for stock bonuses. Kroger managers can plan for their futures through retirement benefits. Other benefits include health coverage, discounts on goods and services from Kroger and other retailers. To defray educational expenses, Kroger offers tuition reimbursement and scholarships through the “Feed Your Future” program. These perks may aid managers seeking undergraduate or graduate degrees from colleges.

Alternative Companies Salary

Food Lion, headquartered in Salisbury, North Carolina and with stores throughout the Southeast, pays its store managers a mean base pay of $61,000 per year. Extra pay averages $15,228, resulting in total median annual earnings of $68,804 for Food Lion store managers. Pay runs from $49,480 to $82,798.

The Kroger store manager salary and that of Food Lion managers pales in comparison with the pay earned by WinCo Foods store managers. Glassdoor states that managers with WinCo Foods see mean base salaries of $120,000 per year and average additional pay of $25,000. Meanwhile, salaries start around $90,000 and reach $152,400 for the highest-paid WinCo Foods store managers.


For Kroger store managers, earnings do not reach the level of that at certain other chains, such as WinCo. However, the Kroger store manager salary does prove competitive with certain other supermarkets. Benefits such as the ability to access health care and higher education at lower costs add to the compensation. If you have been a Kroger store manager, please tell us what you think of Kroger’s compensation and work environment.

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