How Much Is The KFC Manager Salary

It might be surprising just how rewarding being the manager at a KFC restaurant can be. It is hard work indeed but this professional gets to meet new people on a daily basis and forge lasting relationships with their employees and regular customers. A KFC manager has to motivate their employees, get orders out on time, and create a clean and efficient environment for both the employees and the customers. This article will outline the KFC manager salary and benefits one can expect working as a manager in this field.

KFC Manager Job Description & Duties

KFC manager salary

In order to qualify for the KFC manager job, this professional must perform certain duties within their job description. This would include supervising entry-level employees, performing various administrative tasks, and making sure that all working schedules are adequately filled.

This professional must be 18 or over and have some basic experience in fast food in order to apply for a manager position at KFC. Insofar as the requirements for being a KFC manager, having a college degree in a business-related field would definitely help.

KFC Manager Salary & Benefits

In general, a KFC manager salary will have a median salary of $39,587 per year according to Payscale. Within most parts of the country, this would very easily be a livable wage as long as someone budgets appropriately. However, this job also offers a very decent amount of benefits.

Therefore, besides the basic KFC manager salary, this employee is also the recipient of a very decent vision insurance package. KFC managers will often receive these benefits not only for themselves but for their immediate family as well. Dental insurance is very important for someone in a managerial position, but rest assured, all KFC restaurant managers get a sufficient dental package with their insurance.

KFC managers also receive a paid vacation benefit, which will add up based on the number of years of service to the company. For example, most first-year managers may only receive 5 to 10 days of paid vacation. However, long-term managers can sometimes even get as high as a full month of paid vacation time.

Alternative Companies Salary

Of course, there are other fast food restaurants to consider rather than KFC. For example, at McDonald’s a restaurant manager salary can be of up to $38,525 per year, which is similar to that of a KFC manager. Meanwhile, a manager’s salary at Wendy’s will average $35,733 each year. Alternately, the salary for a Pizza Hut restaurant manager is often only $32,576 per year.


As demonstrated here, there is no questioning that a general manager at KFC can make a good living. The individual with this job position must be organized, detail-oriented, and hard working. He must also be dedicated to KFC’s business principles as well as always put the customer first. Have you ever worked at KFC? Share your opinions and network with other interested individuals today!

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