How Much Is The Walgreens Store Manager Salary

Walgreens stands as one of the few major retail pharmacy chains in the United States. As with other pharmacy retailers, Walgreens counts among its product offerings over-the-counter medicines, personal hygiene and care items, candy, soft drinks, photo printing services, and batteries, along with the prescription-filling services. Below, we explain the Walgreens store manager salary and the responsibilities of those who manage these stores.

Walgreens Manager Job Description & Duties


The Walgreens store manager bears responsibility for the efficient and profitable operation of the Walgreens store. To accomplish these goals, the manager must ensure a high level of customer service, prevent loss of merchandise, and find opportunities to grow sales. Also, they must execute directions from the District Manager or from corporate-level management.

Specific duties of the manager include hiring, training, supervising, evaluating and firing employees. As well as assigning them to particular tasks, tracking inventory and sales, ensuring proper display of merchandise, prices, and promotions, and engaging in community outreach. The community relations may take the form of communications with physicians and other local health care providers such as clinics and hospitals.

The store manager function also includes oversight of the pharmacy within the job functions. This entails the manager consulting with the pharmacist or pharmacy manager to enhance sales, relationships with insurers and physicians in the community and service to customers receiving prescriptions. As allowed by applicable laws, a Walgreens store manager may assist the pharmacist on occasions with filling prescriptions and performing other work of pharmacy technicians.

Walgreens Manager Salary & Benefits

According to Glassdoor, the mean base Walgreens store manager salary sits at $65,079 per year or $5,423 per month. Salaries range from $40,110 to $99,725 per year, or $3,3423 to $8,310 per month. A Walgreens store manager earns $12,000 per year, or $1,000 per month, in additional pay. Glassdoor reports that the value of stock bonuses for Walgreens store managers average $1,652 on an annual basis. While profit-sharing proceeds run on a mean basis at $3,299, and about $4,203 from commission-sharing.

In addition to the Walgreens store manager salary, these professionals also have benefits such as the 401(k) plan, profit-sharing and the opportunity to purchase company stock. Healthcare perks include vision, dental, medical and prescription drugs at various levels of coverage, along with consultations for flu shots and participation in a prescriptions savings program. Company-provided insurance includes company-provided insurance at 1.5 times the manager’s annual base salary. Managers may also choose to buy additional term life insurance through the company. Walgreens’ “Work & Life Resources” benefits assist store managers and others with child care and counseling for mental health, legal and financial issues.

Alternative Companies Salary

Glassdoor reports that the median annual pay for CVS health store managers rests at $58, 000. Pay starts at $37,603 and ascends to as much as $104,588. Thus, the average for Walgreens store managers ranks higher than that for CVS managers. However, the higher end of the pay range for CVS store managers runs beyond that for Walgreens managers. Meanwhile, the mean salary for Rite Aid store managers is at $53,177 per year. This falls below the mean Walgreens store manager salary.


Generally, the Walgreens store manager salary ranks above the other major pharmacy retailers. Those who land store manager jobs in Walgreens can access a variety of health, retirement and insurance benefits from Walgreens. The company also affords resources and assistance for store managers and other employees facing financial, legal and personal challenges. Moreover, you can also look at the Publix Food & Pharmacy manager salary. We invite you to share your experiences and salaries as a Walgreens store manager.

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