How Much Is The Taco Bell Manager Salary

As with many quick service restaurant, or fast-food chains, Taco Bell operates mostly through franchises. Separately-owned enterprises use the Taco Bell name, its methods and its menu and compensate the cooks, cashiers, other staff and management of the particular restaurant. Moreover, below we will profile the Taco Bell manager salary, benefits, and job duties. We’ll also compare the Taco Bell manager salary with two other fast food restaurants.

Taco Bell Manager Job Description & Duties


A Taco Bell manager controls the day-to-day operations of the restaurant and the fulfillment of the store’s viability. Although most Taco Bell managers work for the owners of Taco Bell franchises, the managers must ensure that the franchise adheres to Taco Bell’s service and menu standards and compliance with applicable food and sanitation laws.

To achieve store success, Taco Bell managers hire, lead, oversee training of, and discipline or terminate crew members. Also, by analyzing traffic patterns and peak times for customer purchases and orders, managers can schedule enough employees for particular shifts.

Managers promote customer service through proper supervision of the crew and handling customer complaints with the “BLAST” method (“Believe, Listen, Apologize, Satisfy and Thank”). Part of this includes accepting blame even if the store is not at fault. Other parts of the Taco Bell manager job description include preventing theft by customers and employees. As well as obtaining repairs of defective equipment, tracking, and auditing information on sales, purchases and labor costs. As well as reporting employee disputes and harassment claims to higher-level personnel.

Taco Bell Manager Salary & Benefits

The mean Taco Bell manager salary registers at $53,755 per year or $4,480 monthly. The salaries and benefits of Taco Bell managers vary significantly because most are employees of franchise owners. As a general rule, medical and dental constitute the health benefits. PayScale reports in its survey that 62 percent of Taco Bell managers have medical coverage. While the coverage rates for dental and vision stand at 47 percent and 39 percent respectively.

Bonuses as reported by PayScale climb as high as $21,822 on an annual basis. Taco Bell managers earn as much as $23,992, and commissions run from $304 to $38,165. According to PayScale, the total pay range for Taco Bell managers starts at $31,596 and reaches a maximum of $110,475.

Alternative Companies Salary

McDonald’s managers enjoy a base mean salary of $50,465 per year, says Glassdoor. Salaries run between $34,000 and $75,000 for managers at McDonald’s. Additional pay runs up to $29,000.

We also compared the Taco Bell manager salary with that for managers at Kentucky Fried Chicken, which brand is owned by the same corporation, Yum Brands, Inc., as Taco Bell. Glassdoor states that the base median salary for KFC managers stands at $43,084 per year. Pay beyond the base level averages $6,500 for KFC managers. The additional compensation includes cash bonuses that average $6,000, stock bonuses running on a mean basis at $1,121, and sharing of commissions at an average amount of $9,000.


For Taco Bell managers, the opportunities for bonuses, commissions and other sources of extra compensation can drive total pay well above the mean Taco Bell manager salary. Managers working for competitors (or franchisees of competitors) of Taco Bell similarly can collect additional pay beyond five figures. If you are or have been a Taco Bell manager, please tell us your impressions of your salary and work experience.

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