How Much Is The Dollar Tree Store Manager Salary

Dollar Tree stores, true to their brand, sell everything for a dollar, some things for less. Most of these establishments usually have small staffs. This shapes part of the job description of Dollar Tree managers. Below, we present the Dollar Tree store manager salary and benefits, along with these managers’ duties. You will also see how the Dollar Tree store manager salary compares with competing chains in the dollar and variety store market.

Dollar Tree Manager Job Description & Duties

A Dollar Tree store manager runs a particular store’s daily operations and promotes the profitability and values of Dollar Tree. This entails staffing the store through hiring and scheduling staff for particular shifts. Managers instruct and train associates in Dollar Tree’s standards, evaluate their performance and make other decisions regarding employees. Moreover, the job description includes opening and closing the store, ordering inventory and anticipating sales of particular items. Also, according to reviews on Indeed, some Dollar Tree store managers report having to stock merchandise themselves and run cashiers. These comments suggest small staffs at stores and a high turnover of associates.

Dollar Tree store managers have responsibility for promoting Dollar Tree’s standards, including those touching on in customer service, store appearance and the presentation of signs and merchandise. These functions, as well as prevention of theft by customers and associates, aim to grow the store’s financial success and performance. Much of Dollar Tree’s guidance and instructions to store managers for merchandising and operations come from the chain’s Store Support Center.

Dollar Tree Manager Salary & Benefits

Glassdoor reports a mean base salary of $50,465 per year for a Dollar Tree store manager. Meanwhile, on average, additional compensation for managers rests at $6,231. Bonuses and other additional pay runs between $1,129 and $29,430.

Store managers at Dollar Tree may participate in the Career Benefits Program, which Dollar Tree describes as a cafeteria-style benefits plan. Menu choices in the benefits plan include medical, dental, vision and prescription drug plans. As well as coverage for long-term and short-term disability, life insurance, and medical reimbursement accounts. While for 401(k) plans, managers and other eligible associates get the first 4 % of their contributions fully matched by Dollar Tree. Profit-sharing and employee stock options constitute other benefits.

Alternative Companies Salary

For some perspective on the Dollar Tree store manager salary, we examine Dollar General and Family Dollar. These chains have stores of a generally similar size and marketing approach based on significant discounts as Dollar Tree. According to Glassdoor, store managers for Dollar General earn a mean base pay of $40,115 per year. Additional pay runs on average at $3,600. As shown by these figures, Dollar General managers make less than those employed at Dollar Tree.

Family Dollar, another player among the discount variety stores, pays its store managers a median yearly salary of $43,855. As is the case when compared to Dollar General, the Dollar Tree store manager salary ranks higher than that paid to Family Dollar store managers.


The Dollar Tree store manager salary generally falls below that of managers at larger, big-box retailers, like the ones at Walmart, for example. However, managers at Dollar Tree, on average, earn more than some in the smaller, discount-variety sector. Given the small size and small staff of a Dollar Tree store, these managers may assume some hands-on tasks. If you have been a Dollar Tree manager, please share your experience and earnings with us in a comment below.

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