How Much Is The Burger King Manager Salary

The purpose of this article is to present the Burger King manager salary. In addition, you’ll be given a job description for this position, along with details on the benefits this professional gets. As a result of reading this article, you’ll be able to form your own opinions regarding the Burger King manager position.

Burger King Manager Job Description & Duties

First of all, a Burger King manager is responsible for running a single Burger King store effectively. He or she oversees the management team along with individual team members. This makes the manager responsible for 10-45 employees as they perform their duties within the restaurant.

Ultimately, the manager is responsible for everything that takes place within the restaurant. For example, the Burger King manager oversees the hiring and training of all location employees. In addition, the manager ensures proper money handling procedures, facility and equipment maintenance, and customer satisfaction. He or she also implements budgeting and inventory controls. Finally, the manager implements local, state, and federal laws in the workplace.

Burger King Manager Salary & Benefits

The Burger King manager salary depends on several factors. First of all, it depends on the level of management within the restaurant. Secondly, pay depends upon area and franchisee specifics. The pay in some areas is higher than in other areas. And lastly, the salary is also dependent upon bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions. But, before looking at the bonuses, let’s take a look at the base package.

According to Payscale, this professional makes about $62,625 per year, meaning around $5,218 per month. As for the differences amongst the different levels of management, a shift manager can expect to make $16,733 per year. Moving up the chain of command, an assistant manager earns $25,613 a year, while the restaurant general manager makes $32,803 per year to start out, as per Along with the standard salary, managers can receive additional performance-based bonuses of around $4,942, profit sharing of $2,473, and commissions of $6,109 per year.

In addition to profit sharing, a Burger King manager can also expect to receive paid vacations, paid sick leave, 401(k), and insurance. Insurance includes health, life, dental, vision, and long-term disability insurance. These managers also get meal discounts and eat a meal for free while on shift.

Alternative Companies Salary

When you compare the Burger King manager salary to the manager salaries from other fast food restaurants, you find Burger King on top of the others in terms of pay. For instance, a Wendy’s restaurant manager makes around $35,628 annually. While McDonald’s restaurant managers come at a close second, with $38,525 a year. As you can see, Burger King takes the lead when it comes to manager salaries.


When considering the Burger King manager salary, consider more than just the average pay. These professionals might make less when they start, but after a promotion, performance-based benefits, profit sharing, and commisions, the package for a Burger King manager seriously improves. Have you ever worked for Burger King, what was your salary package like? Share your opinions in a comment below!

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