Embryologist Salary Guide and Career Outlook

An embryologist can expect to at least make a comfortable amount of money, regardless of their location or experience. In the United States, these clinical scientists make an average of $74 thousand. In the United Kingdom, trainees could start at approximately £30 thousand, which is around $36 thousand in the United States, and reach up to £41 thousand ($49 thousand) for qualified recruited scientists. Salaries cover a similar range in other locations.

An embryologist’s salary amount depends on several factors. These factors include location, education, experience, working hours, and performance or skill level. If you are considering pursuing a career as an embryologist, you should first take a look at how these various factors will influence your salary.

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How Much Does an Embryologist Make per Year by State?

Your salary will change depending on where you’re located while pursuing a career in embryology. However, regardless of your location, you can at least expect your salary to be a comfortable amount. Embryologist salaries in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and India are approximately similar in average range. However, South Africa is, by far, home to the highest embryologist salary of those listed.

Embryologist Salary USCanadaUKAustraliaNew ZealandIndiaSouth Africa
Hourly Pay$17$42£17AU$29$38INR199R164
Annual Pay$74,000$81,000£35,000AU$62,000$78,000INR298,000R340,000

Embryologist Salary Influencing Factors

Salary resource sites such as Glassdoor, Salary Expert, Indeed, and Payscale list varying salary amounts for embryologists, depending on their location. However, the other influencing factors that affect an embryologist’s salary remain the same, regardless of where you are located. Keep reading to find out more about these factors.

1. Location

Generally, an embryologist’s salary is similar, regardless of where you are located during your career. At the very least, you can expect to make enough to live comfortably. Considering that the average salary of citizens in the United States is around $44 thousand, embryologists compare nicely on the scale. The lowest average salary can be found in the United Kingdom and is equal to approximately £35 thousand; although, even that salary is still equal to around $41 thousand in the United States, just below the national average.

Salaries will differ in each location depending on bonuses and other influential factors. One major factor that determines salary amount in different locations is the determined location’s cost of living. Generally speaking, a location that costs more to live in will also have salaries that pay more. The idea is that each salary will attempt to match the amount it takes to live in any given location.

How Much Does an Embryologist Make in the US?

Embryologist Salary USPer YearPer Hour
Minimum$46,000 $16
Maximum $105,000$43
Bonus/Tip $100 – $9,500N/A
Total Pay $40,000 – $99,000

How Much Does an Embryologist Make in Canada?

Embryologist Salary CanadaPer YearPer Hour
MinimumC$57,000 C$33
Maximum C$114,000C$46
Bonus/Tip C$1,407N/A
Overtime N/AN/A
Total Pay $57,000 – $120,000

How Much Does an Embryologist Make in the UK?

Embryologist Salary UKPer YearPer Hour
Maximum £100,000£
Total Pay£25,000 – £100,000

How Much Does an Embryologist Make in Australia?

Embryologist Salary AustraliaPer YearPer Hour
Minimum AU$43,000 AU$26
Maximum AU$79,000AU$41
Total Pay AU$47,000 – AU$81,000

How Much Does an Embryologist Make in New Zealand?

Embryologist Salary New ZealandPer YearPer Hour
Minimum$54,000 No information
Maximum$103,000No information
Bonus/Tip $1,500No information
Overtime No informationNo information
Total Pay $55,000 – $105,000

How Much Does an Embryologist Make in India?

Embryologist Salary IndiaPer YearPer Hour
MaximumINR325,000No information
Bonus/Tip INR 8,606No information
Overtime No informationNo information
Total PayINR295,000 – INR325,000

How Much Does an Embryologist Make in South Africa?


Embryologist Salary South AfricaPer YearPer Hour
Maximum$453,000 No information
Bonus/Tip$7,000 No information
OvertimeNo informationNo information
Total Pay$245,000 – $460,000

2. Experience

As with any career, your experience going into a job will greatly affect what type of salary you start out with. Seniors in the field can earn tens of thousands of dollars more than a beginner might when starting. In order to gain experience and earn higher amounts of money when beginning a job, it may take five to ten years. As your years of experience in the field increases, your salary will increase, as well.

3. Industry

As with any field of work, the industry you work in will greatly affect the amount of money you earn. When it comes to working in the public sector versus the private sector, your salary could differ a lot. For example, working in the public sector could earn you more money than working in the private sector. Make sure to identify this factor when applying for any specific company.

Companies may also pay differently depending on their individual reputation, age, funding, et cetera. For example, three companies in the United States pay largely different amounts for the same position. New Houston Health is hiring an embryologist for $76 thousand, Diamond Institute for Infertil is hiring for $89 thousand, and Houston Fertility Institute is hiring for $68 thousand. Compare available positions to make sure you apply for the best opportunities.

Schedule & Working Hours

As an embryologist, you will most likely be working forty hour weeks on a typical nine to five schedule. You may be eligible to work part-time or flexible hours depending on the company you work for. Overtime and shift patterns will also vary depending on who you work for.

Bonuses & Benefits

Bonuses vary greatly depending on the company you work with and the location you are in during your career. These bonuses can range from one hundred dollars in one year to over ten thousand dollars, depending on your experience and position.

Career Outlook

Considering that reproduction is vital to our survival as human beings, embryologists and similar professionals will always be necessary for our society. With that said, the outlook of this career will only continue to grow more positive, especially as technology in the field improves.


In the end, a career as an embryologist could be very rewarding to those interested in the responsibilities. The various tasks involving bringing life into this world are rewarding enough, however, that the salary may not even be a deciding factor. The outlook is widely positive and would be worth looking into by anyone with interest in the field.

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