Child Psychiatrist Salary Guide and Career Outlook

Most people in psychiatry can specialize to one, specific age group. This specialization affords them the chance to focus on certain people or people from certain backgrounds. Some specializations change what these people make for their annual salary in some countries, though. In the United States alone, child psychiatrists make about $203,128 a year as of 2017. In Canada, on the other hand, they make about $234,375 each year for the same specialization. Over in the United Kingdom, these specialists earn around $41,150 annually, which is great considering the strength of the company’s economy. Similar salaries can be found for child psychiatrists around the world.

child psychiatrist salary

How Much Does a Child Psychiatrist Make Per Year by State?

Here is a closer look at what child psychiatrists make across several countries around the world.

 Child Psychiatrist SalaryUSCanadaUKAustraliaNew ZealandIndiaSouth Africa
Hourly Pay$99.66$112.68$19.78$60.39$118.69$33.07$47.47
Annual Pay$203,128$234,375$41,150$125,621$246,875$68,795$98,742

Child Psychiatry Salary Influencing Factors

Many places online offer information about the different salaries looked at here. Most of them come to an average of the numbers being used. While these websites provide similar salaries in different countries, what really matters is the influencing factors on the salary from each of those countries. Here is a closer look at each of these aspects below.

1. Location

Being located in a specific country does play a role in the kind of salary one of these professionals will make. However, what needs to be considered with the approximated amounts above is the fact that different countries have different economic backgrounds. For example, India and South Africa do not have many opportunities in a child psychiatrist, but they are paid extremely well for their profession based on how the local area fares. Because of the difference in economy between these two countries and the United States, child psychiatrists make a little more.

How Much Does a Child Psychiatrist Make in the US?

Child Psychiatrist Salary in the USPer YearPer Hour
Total Pay$245,142$117.86

How Much Does a Child Psychiatrist Make in Canada?

Child Psychiatrist Salary in CanadaPer YearPer Hour
Total Pay$265,745$127.76

How Much Does a Child Psychiatrist Make in the United Kingdom?

Child Psychiatrist Salary in the UKPer YearPer Hour
Total Pay$48,236$23.19

How Much Does a Child Psychiatrist Make in Australia?

Child Psychiatrist Salary AustraliaPer YearPer Hour
Total Pay$159,245$76.56

How Much Does a Child Psychiatrist Make in New Zealand?

Child Psychiatrist Salary New ZealandPer YearPer Hour
Total Pay$278,657$133.97

How Much Does a Child Psychiatrist Make in India?

Child Psychiatrist Salary in IndiaPer YearPer Hour
Total Pay$98,786$47.49

How Much Does a Child Psychiatrist Make in South Africa?

Child Psychiatrist Salary in South AfricaPer YearPer Hour
Total Pay$110,458$53.10

2. Experience

In many countries, beginning child psychiatrists make far less than their senior counterparts. However, there is plenty of experience to be gained, and with that experience also comes a steady pay increase throughout most countries. It takes upwards of ten years or more to become a pro in this field, but the long journey to that point and beyond makes for plenty of well-earned savvy and sage knowledge. Experience also makes these people more marketable when moving from one location to another. Their pay might go down in relation to what they made back home, but that salary ratio is still in place with the rest of the economy. The starting salaries in some of these countries seem to be rather low, but they do grow considerably with the amount of experience a person gains in this field.

3. Industry

The location of the office for which a child psychiatrist works does matter. Private sector employees have the opportunity to make more than public sector workers. For example, a child psychiatrist who works for Child Protective Services might not make nearly as much as someone working in their own, private office. The former is given a pre-set salary, whereas the later can set their own rates. In most of these positions, though, gaining bonuses is not an option for some child psychiatrists. Some of those who work for Child Protective Services can gain some bonuses based on their load of case work, but this situation might not be so for those psychiatrists working in other locations.

Schedule and Working Schedule

Depending on where the child psychiatrist works, their working hours and schedules might vary. The Child Protective Services worker might have to be on-call at certain times of the night. Much the same can be said for those who work in hospitals. They might need to be at the ready to take on an emergency case in the middle of the night, if need be. For child psychiatrists who work in their own offices that might not be tied to a hospital, they might be able to run a more consistent schedule. If they want to work only certain days of the week, such as a four day work week instead of the traditional five, then they can make the decision to do so.

Bonuses and Benefits

Depending on where this specialist works, public sector versus private sector, the bonuses can vary. A hospital child psychiatrist or the one who works with Child Protective Services might be able to gain shift differentials and bonuses for taking on extra cases. However, they do not really afford the chance of doing so in private practices. In the United States, healthcare can be purchased at a premium, but this benefit is gained through the government in other countries like Canada. Therefore, they simply pay the tax for government healthcare. So, location really matters in this capacity.

Career Outlook

In all of these countries, the career outlook for child psychiatrists is on the rise. This ratio grows proportionately to the number of children being born each year in a particular country. As the population continues to grow, so too will the need for this position.


Child psychiatry is on the rise in many countries, so people going into the specialty really have control over where they want to work. Plenty of these positions remain available in many locations, so more people will be needed to fuel the profession in years to come.

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