Bookkeeper Salary Guide and Career Outlook

A bookkeeper career is a vital part of many businesses. In the United States and Canada, the bookkeeper salary is similar at around $40,000 dollars while in Australia and New Zealand the salary is higher in the upper $40,000 dollar range. In India, the salary is Rs 198,884 ($2,971) while in South Africa and the United Kingdom the equivalent currency in US dollars is in the 10 to 20 thousand range.

The skills bookkeepers have impact the salary differently in specific countries. The other factors that impact a bookkeeper’s salary such as experience and industry will be explored in this article. Salary is not everything in a job and the benefits and outlook of bookkeepers are analyzed.

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 How Much Does a Bookkeeper Make per Year by Country?

Bookkeeper Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Pay $15.00 C$18.00 ($13.45) E10.00 ($10.90) AU$25.00 ($19.00) NZ$22.00 ($15.69) Rs 95.61 ($1.43) R100 ($7.21)
Annual Pay $39,510 C$40,859 ($30,525) E20,157 ($21,966) AU$51,739 ($39,316) NZ$46,402 ($33,095) Rs 198,884 ($2,971) R139,909 ($10,087)

Bookkeeper Salary Influencing Factors

Bookkeepers are common in every country and thus they had good data on their salary from Payscale. This is not representative of all of the population of bookkeepers in their respective country, but of the individuals who use and supply data to Payscale.

1. Location

How Much Does a Bookkeeper Make in the US?

The bookkeeper salary in the United States is 27,778 for the 10th percentile of earners and $55,105 for the 90th percentile. Their bonus can be $2,958. The profit sharing and commission have ranges of $259.12 to $5,008 and $395.94 to $5,548 dollars. The hourly rate for these professionals is $11.05 to $24.49 and they can earn overtime pay of $14.95 to $32.28. Their comprehensive salary is $24,391 $52,766 dollars.

How Much Does a Bookkeeper Make in Canada?

Radiologists who work in Canada will earn a salary of C$30,461 to C$55,777. The profit share is C$295,90 to C$10,137 and the bonus is up to C$3,099. An average commission of C$1,500 is common. When looking at pay from an hourly perspective, the rate is C$13.57 to C$26.92. Their overtime rate is C$13.70 to C$38.57 dollars. The total salary is C$29,341 to C$38.57.

How Much Does a Bookkeeper Make in the UK?

The bookkeeper salary in the United Kingdom ranges from E13,639 to E27,695. The regular hourly rate is E7.43 to E15.76 and the overtime hourly rate is E19.76. Their bonus is up to E2,004 and profit sharing is E1,650. Their total take home pay is between E14,632 to E31,526.

How Much Does a Bookkeeper Make in Australia?

Bookkeepers in Australia will earn AU$38,689 to AU$69,151 with a bonus of AU$1,990 and profit share of AU$1,300. Their regular hourly wage is AU$20.00 to AU$38.03 with overtime of AU$44.36 an hour. Their salary is AU$40,889 to AU$75,256 per annum.

How Much Does a Bookkeeper Make in New Zealand?

Bookkeepers earn in New Zealand make NZ$16.27 to NZ$30.77 dollars. Their total salary is NZ$31,368 to NZ$61,824 with a bonus of NZ$2,700. Their total pay is NZ$33,119 to NZ$62,516 dollars.

How Much Does a Bookkeeper Make in India?

The salary for bookkeepers in India is anywhere from Rs 99,777 to Rs 434,590. Not all bookkeepers in India will get a bonus or profit share but those that day will receive up to Rs 46,657 and Rs 51,355, respectively. Their commission is Rs 2,501. The hourly rate is Rs 47.96 to Rs 208.93. Their cumulative salary is Rs 103,665 to Rs 468,647.

How Much Does a Bookkeeper Make in South Africa?

The hourly rate for bookkeepers in South Africa has a large range. The bottom tier of professionals will make R40.24 while the top tier will make R199.73. Their overtime rate is up to R202.73. The bookkeeper salary is R69,976 to R243,968. Their bonus can be R19,229 and R59,598. The total salary is R71,107 to R262,286.

2. Experience

Experience has different impacts on salary based on how the country views the value of that experience. In the United Kingdom, the average salary is E21,000. Entry-level bookkeepers earn 11% under this while late-career bookkeepers earn 15% more than the average. The United States, New Zealand, and Australia have similar ratios where entry-level are 7%-11% under the average and late-career are 12% above.

Countries that skew salary more based on experience are India and South Africa. In India, entry-level bookkeepers make 12% under the average while experienced make 43% above and late-career make 49% above. While in South Africa the range from entry-level to late-career swings 46% with entry being 20% and late-career being 26% over the average of R145,000.

3. Industry

One of the most interesting comparisons of bookkeeper salaries in different countries is how skills are valued. Whereas a job such as a dentist or lawyer need a similar set of skills regardless of countries, bookkeepers can perform many different functions under their job description.

In the United Kingdom, a valued skill is accounts payable while a negative skill is office administration. Australia also views office administration as a negative skill. Valued skills in the United States are financial reporting and ADP payroll system. In India accounting, tax compliance and general ledger accounting receive a higher salary but if that same bookkeeper worked in South Africa having a skill in general ledger accounting gives a salary less than the median.

Bookkeepers in the United States work in different industries. The highest proportion work in professional, scientific, and technical services at 12%. Retail trade, wholesale trade, healthcare, and financial insurance also hire many bookkeepers. Some bookkeepers choose to be freelance and work for multiple companies.

Schedule & Working Hours

The schedule of bookkeepers depends on the flow of money in the business they work in. Regardless of the industry worked, most bookkeepers will be busy when taxes are due in the country they work. In addition, bookkeepers who work in healthcare may be busier when there is open enrollment while those that work in the tourism industry will be busier during peak travel times. In the United States, 25% of bookkeepers work part-time.

Bonuses & Benefits

Bookkeepers who work part-time or freelance will likely not receive additional benefits from the companies they work for. Having a bookkeeper career gives the potential to advance in their careers and those who move up or gain more education will accordingly earn more benefits. Regardless, most bookkeepers report a benefit of being satisfied with their job.

Healthcare benefits for each country are included in the table below.

Country United States Canada United Kingdom Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Medical 45 44 8 2 12 37 21
Dental 26 39 1 1 6 3 1
Vision 17 25 3 1 6 4 1

Career Outlook

Due to the automation with technology, the job outlook for bookkeepers in the United States predicts an 8% decrease. Bookkeepers who learn on the job and continue to gain skills should be less impacted by automation.

There are different areas in the countries explored that have a higher salary than others. In the United States, good places to be a bookkeeper are San Francisco, Boston, New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Bookkeepers in India should look to work in Bangalor, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Pune and should avoid working in Hyderbad, Coimbatore, or Surat.

In South Africa the good areas are Sandton, Johannesburg, Pretoria and the negative areas for pay are Pietermartizburg and Port Elizabeth. The Western part of Canada in Edmonton, Calgary, and Saskatoon have a higher pay than the east side.

Finally, in Australia, it is good to be a bookkeeper in Parth, Darwin, Canberra, and not good to be a bookkeeper in Cairns and Townsville. The positive and negative terms refer only to the impact of location on salary and not on other aspects of the job that could be good or bad.


Bookkeepers may feel threatened by the increasing use of technology. This can motivate them to learn new skills that are not currently automated. The tasks bookkeepers perform are very important to businesses as having an awareness of cash flow is critical to success. While bookkeepers receive an average salary, they have high job satisfaction and reasonable hours for the majority of the year.

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