Behavior Analyst Salary Guide & Career Outlook

A behavior analyst is a psychologist who specializes in studying behavioral patterns to help people establish psychological support and aid strategies. The range in which a behavior analyst salary varies depends on their location, experience, and industry. Thus, they make $54,499 in the US, C$42,500 in Canada, E53,500 in the United Kingdom, AU$83,295 in Australia, NZ$67,964 in New Zealand, Rs 58,950 in India, and R706,738 in South Africa. They play a major role in assisting parents, teachers, and children with developing and maintaining a constructive and positive psychological environment.

All in all, the median behavior analyst salary can be considered as competitive on the market. Together we shall take a look at some major factors influencing salaries.

How Much Does a Behavior Analyst Make per Year by Country?

Behavior Analyst Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Pay $25.27 C$25.65 E27.86* AU$43.38* NZ$35.39* Rs 30.7* R368.02*
Annual Pay $54,499 C$42,500 E53,500 AU$83,295 NZ$67,964 Rs 58,950 R706,738

*These figures are estimated based on the other pay information given. This assumes a 40 hour work week.

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Behavior Analyst Salary – Influencing Factors

1. Location

Another key aspect regarding variations in the average behavior analyst salary is the location of the practice/institution. In major cities, fees tend to be larger than in rural areas where purchasing power and income are relatively lower. It goes without saying that a successful certified behavior analyst in New York will earn considerably more than one in Bismarck, North Dakota. However, there might be a considerable number of well-paid positions even in less developed areas, if one knows where to look.

How Much Does a Behavior Analyst Make in the US?

The behavior analyst salary in the US ranges between $38,571 and $77,757 per yea. However, they have the potential of a bonus up to $5,734. Their hourly rate goes between $14,64 to $62.72. Even more, they can earn tips of up to $1.16 and overtime pay between $8.07 and $88.08.

How Much Does a Behavior Analyst Make in Canada?

Annually, the behavioral therapist salary can reach a total pay between C$35,081 to C$94,880 in Canada. However, their hourly rate can be anywhere between C$16.83 to C$64.11.

How Much Does a Behavior Analyst Make in the UK?

The behavior therapist salary in the United Kingdom, with certification, goes between E43,500 and E63,500 depending on the institution as well. Therefore, their hourly rate ranges between E22.65 to E33.08.

How Much Does a Behavior Analyst Make in Australia?

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst salary (BCBA) has a reported range of AU$80,000 to AU$86,590 per year in Australia. Their hourly rate estimation is, thus, between AU$41.66 to AU$45.09.

How Much Does a Behavior Analyst Make in New Zealand?

While there is no information available on the behavior analyst salary in New Zealand, you can estimate it. If they acquire the right degree in clinical psychology, you can earn around NZ$67,964.

How Much Does a Behavior Analyst Make in India?

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst salary (BCBA) in India can go up to Rs 58,950 per year. That means an estimation of their hourly rate is Rs 30.07.

How Much Does a Behavior Analyst Make in South Africa?

There is no information available for behavior analysts in South Africa. However, with a degree in psychology, they can perform those same tasks. Thus, the pay ranges between $34,905 to R1,378,572 per year, with bonuses of R40,268. Therefore, their hourly rate can go between R18.17 to R718.

2. Experience

Experience is a crucial factor in determining a behavior analyst salary. That’s because it takes a lot of time to master the necessary know-how required for actually helping people. There is no replacement for experience in psychology, and behavior analysis is no exception.

In addition, it is the most experienced doctors who are in greatest demand. This creates a further incentive for salary and fee disparity. Once a young behavior analyst manages to set up his/her own practice, that person has a much higher chance of surpassing the behavior analyst salary and move forward to building a reputation in the community.

3. Industry

One of the key factors determining the level of the average behavior analyst salary in a state is the number of private practices vs. the number of experts who work as employees. Younger doctors, many of them not yet board-certified behavioral analysts, work as employees for another practice or an institution. That’s until they gain enough experience to start their practice and psychology office. If they make it so far, that is when income tends to rise dramatically, as prestige and connections allow successful doctors to increase their financial expectations.

Depending on the applied hourly rate, reputed psychologists can easily earn as much as double the behavior analyst salary. Younger doctors who still work as employees earn a smaller but still considerable yearly sum.

Schedule & Working Hours

Behavioral analysts work more than the usual 40-hour week, depending on the number of projects or patients who require assistance. If a doctor has his/her own practice, very long hours and weekends are a very strong possibility. A dedicated environment is typically preferable.

Bonuses & Benefits

Outside of monetary incentive, a behavior analyst gains several additional benefits. The typical offer includes relocation benefits (if available), access to clinical leadership, the ability to conduct research and attend conferences, and training opportunities. In addition, they get the traditional medical and dental insurance, with a retirement plan.

Behavior Analyst Salary by State

Below, we have prepared a summary for behavior therapist salaries across the US. These do not include private practice fees, which are often confidential, but salaries for posted behavior analyst jobs.

State Annual Mean Wage
Alabama $53,000
Alaska $38,000
Arizona $43,000
Arkansas $53,000
California $56,000
Colorado $46,000
Connecticut $60,000
Delaware $46,000
District of Columbia $65,000
Florida $49,000
Georgia $59,000
Hawaii $32,000
Idaho $34,000
Illinois $59,000
Indiana $50,000
Iowa $51,000
Kansas $48,000
Kentucky $45,000
Louisiana $47,000
Maine $46,000
Maryland $54,000
Massachusetts $63,000
Michigan $53,000
Minnesota $46,000
Mississippi $55,000
Missouri $51,000
Montana $43,000
Nebraska $38,000
Nevada $40,000
New Hampshire $51,000
New Jersey $56,000
New Mexico $45,000
New York $63,000
North Carolina $50,000
North Dakota $46,000
Ohio $50,000
Oklahoma $48,000
Oregon $50,000
Pennsylvania $50,000
Puerto Rico $50,000
Rhode Island $47,000
South Carolina $51,000
South Dakota $39,000
Tennessee $48,000
Texas $51,000
Utah $41,000
Vermont $46,000
Virginia $53,000
Washington $54,000
West Virginia $49,000
Wisconsin $46,000
Wyoming $43,000
US Average $49,038
Average Hourly Wage $30

Career Outlook

Given the growing public interest in psychology, in general, and psychological support for children and families, in particular, choosing a career in behavioral analysis is a viable option. This is especially for people passionate about psychology and about helping others. Before you can become a certified behavior analyst, you must complete formal psychology studies in an accredited higher education institution.

The salary and fees are expected to slowly grow over time, due to increasing demand for these types of specialists.


In conclusion, opting for a career in behavioral analysis can be a wise step, if you are willing to expend a lot of time and effort to properly complete the relevant training and education. Remember that it will probably take a while until you can open a private practice. The behavior analyst salary is substantial, but you might want to consider opening your own practice as soon as you can.

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