Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary Guide and Career Outlook

Under the supervision of anesthesiologists (licensed physicians providing anesthesia care to patients in surgical theaters), anesthesiologist assistants conduct procedures for administering anesthesia and other sedation. These services are rendered during surgery, births requiring special procedures and pain management, among other occasions.

The mean pay for an anesthesiologist assistant in the United States is $136,571. In Canada, the mean stands at C$81,194 ($63,071 USD), while the United Kingdom’s anesthesiologist assistants earn 39,000 ($52,233 USD) on a mean basis. Australia’s assistants can expect a mean of AU$185,238 ($141,865 USD). For New Zealand’s, the mean registers at NZD$155,586 ($108,323 USD). Anesthesiologist assistants fetch INR9,68,485 (INR968,485 in Western form) ($15,121 USD) in India and R497,868 ($38,969 USD) in South Africa.

anesthesiologist assistant salary

How Much Does an Anesthesiologist Assistant Make per Year by State?

Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Pay $65.66 C$39.04 £18.75 AU$89 NZ$75 INR466 R239
Annual Pay $136,571 C$81,194 £39,000 AU$185,238 NZ$155,586 INR9,68,485 R497,868

Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary Influencing Factors

The specialized skill, education and training needed to become an anesthesiologist assistant can push pay into high arenas even though these professionals are not physicians. Whether the assistant has a private or public employer can decide pay levels for the specific assistant position. Experienced anesthesiologist assistants on average command higher earnings than those at or closer to the entry-level stage.

1. Location

Within these countries, pay can increase above the mean or salary schedule for anesthesiologists working in certain cities.

The National Health Service awards physicians assistants (anesthesia) supplements for working within London. Within “Inner London,” the supplement amounts to 20 percent of the base pay, with a minimum of £4,200 and a maximum of £6,469. Those in “Outer London” get 15 percent extra, not less than £3,553 and not more than £4,528.

Anesthesiologist assistants can earn on average AU$197,406 in Sydney, Australia, and those practicing in Perth, Australia have, on a mean basis $178,276. For these practitioners in Christchurch, New Zealand, the mean stands at NZD$153,174, and the figure is NZD$155,925.

The mean pay of INR10,07,414 in New Delhi surpasses the Indian national mean of INR9,68,485. Anesthesiologist assistants in Johannesburg, South Africa, rise above the national average, at R663,744.

How Much Does a Anesthesiologist Assistant Make in the US?

Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary US Per Year Per Hour
Minimum $80,000 $38.46
Maximum $165,418 $79.53
Bonus/Tip $5,000 $2.40
Overtime No additional pay No additional pay
Total Pay $80,000 to $165,418

How Much Does a Anesthesiologist Assistant Make in Canada?

Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary Canada Per Year Per Hour
Minimum C$46,734 C$22.30
Maximum C$100,423 C$48.28
Bonus/Tip N/A N/A
Overtime No additional pay C$72.36
Total Pay C$46,734 to C$100,423

How Much Does a Anesthesiologist Assistant Make in the UK?

Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary UK Per Year Per Hour
Minimum £31,696 £15.24
Maximum £41,787 £20.09
Bonus/Tip N/A N/A
Overtime No additional pay No additional pay
Total Pay £31,696 to £41,787

How Much Does a Anesthesiologist Assistant Make in Australia?

Radiation Oncologist Salary US Per Year Per Hour
Minimum AU$128,603 AU$61.83
Maximum AU$230,597 AU$110.86
Bonus/Tip AU$4,448 AU$2.14
Overtime No additional pay No additional pay
Total Pay AU$128,603 to AU$235,045

How Much Does a Anesthesiologist Assistant Make in New Zealand?

Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary New Zealand Per Year Per Hour
Minimum NZD$107,879 NZD$51.86
Maximum NZD$193,793 NZD$93.17
Bonus/Tip NZD$3,734 NZD$1.80
Overtime No additional pay No additional pay
Total Pay NZD$107, 879 to NZD$197,527

How Much Does a Anesthesiologist Assistant Make in India?

Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary India Per Year Per Hour
Minimum INR6,81,313 INR327.55
Maximum INR12,23,562 INR588.25
Bonus/Tip INR23,444 INR1.13
Overtime No additional pay No additional pay
Total Pay INR6,81,313 to INR12,47,006

How Much Does a Anesthesiologist Assistant Make in South Africa?

Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary South Africa Per Year Per Hour
Minimum R347,889 R167.25
Maximum R624,771 R300.37
Bonus/Tip $10,000- $100,000 N/A
Overtime No additional pay No additional pay
Total Pay R347,889 to R636,720

2. Experience

According to Neuvoo, anesthesia assistants in Canada with little or no prior experience earn C$57,000, while more experienced ones can fetch up to C$114,000.

SalaryExpert places the mean for entry-level anesthesiologist assistants in Australia at AU$128,603. Upon accumulating at least eight years of experience, average pay rises to AU$230,957. For New Zealand’s anesthesiologists, the entry-level mean per SalaryExpert stands at NZD$107,879 and the senior-level average is NZD$193,738.

In India, anesthesiologist assistants can earn on a mean basis INR6,81,313 with up to three years of experience. With eight years and beyond, the mean reaches INR12,23,562. The respective salaries based on experience levels are R347,889 and R624,771.

3. Industry

The anesthesiologist assistant is analogous to the physician assistant’s role with physicians. These professionals work as part of medical teams in delivering healthcare. As such, anesthesiologist practices constitute the main employer of anesthesiologist assistants as a general rule. Depending on the location of practice, these assistants cannot work on a self-employed basis and, thus, do not operate their own practices.

However, Job Bank Canada, reports that 72 percent of “Allied Primary Health Practitioners,” which include anesthesia assistants, were self-employed.

In the United States, anesthesiologist assistants can find employment in the armed services or in a Veteran’s Administration hospital. In other countries, hospitals employ these assistants.

Most physicans assistants (anesthesia) in the United Kingdom work in a National Health Service Trust hospital and have their pay determined by scales based on experience and performance. Generally, the National Health Service places these professionals on “Band 7,” which means pay runs between £31,696 and £41,787.

Salaries in the field may run higher than physician’s assistants because of the specialized nature of the work. Additionally, anesthesiologist assistants receive their training and education in masters’ programs, contributing to pay which is higher than many non-physician positions in the medical field.

Schedule & Working Hours

Generally, anesthesiologist assistants work on a full-time basis, though some part-timers have a presence in the field. Nearly three out of four “Allied Primary Health Practitioners,” which includes anesthesia assistants, in Canada were full-time workers.

With surgeries occurring at many hours, shifts can last through evenings and weekends as well as weekdays and daytime hours. Anesthesiologist assistants may have holiday work and need to be on call for emergency surgeries.

Bonuses & Benefits

Overall, anesthesiologist assistants can anticipate receiving health and retirement benefits through their employers. PayScale reports that 91 percent of anesthesiologist assistants in the United States enjoy dental benefits, while vision care forms part of the benefits for 78 percent of these assistants. For those in Canada, PayScale reported a 100 percent coverage rate for medical and dental care and a 50 percent rate for vision benefits.

Employers may also include signing bonuses and relocation help for anesthesiologist assistants.

Career Outlook

Overall, anesthesiologist assistants constitute a small group compared with other professions. Yet, surgeries likely will increase as more people become elderly and have access to health insurance and health care. Where shortages of anesthesiologists appear, the medical field in those regions may turn to anesthesiologist assistants to maintain service.

Becker’s ASC Review says that, in 2017, the United States had 1,700 certified anesthesiologist assistants.  O*NET reports a projected 15 percent climb in employment of anesthesiologist assistants through 2026, which means 10,600 job openings by that time.

However, not all areas in the United States permit or recognize anesthesiology assistants. The American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants reports that, as of January 2015, the District of Columbia and 15 states licensed anesthesiologist assistants. Texas and Michigan allow physicians to delegate anesthesiology functions to assistants.

According to Job Bank Canada, “Allied Primary Health Practitioners,” which include anesthesia assistants, may face a significant shortage by 2024. By that time, there could be 10,400 job openings but only 6,400 seekers.  The physicians’ assistants (anaesthesia) occupation numbered 120 in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service in 2015.

Developing countries such as India face a shortage of anesthesia assistants and challenges in finding those adequately trained. Additionally, deficits in the numbers of anesthetists and anesthesiologists may reduce prospects for hiring even with shortages in assistants. The World Federation of Anaesthesiologists cites a ratio of 1.27 anesthesiologists for every 100,000 people in India. The study also states that the country has 12,000 anesthesiology-qualified providers to serve the population of approximately 1.3 billion.

South Africa has between ten to 14 anesthesia providers per 100,000 people, whereas most sub-Saharan countries in Africa have less than one for every 100,000.


Owing to background and skill level, salaries for anesthesiologist assistants rest among the larger pay levels for health professionals. Across the board, demand for surgical services is strong and suggests a need for anesthesiologist assistants. However, job opportunities might prove scarce where the field is not recognized by licensing authorities or where an area lacks anesthesiologists or surgical establishments.

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