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Account Manager Salary Guide and Career Outlook 2021 | Salaries HUB

Account Manager Salary Guide and Career Outlook

The account manager salary is highly dependent on their productivity and sales so there are few account managers who make much more than the median salary and some who make much less. Regardless, looking at the median salary and percentiles helps to get a picture of potential salary with this career.

In the United States, account managers make $50,760 a year while in India and South Africa the pay equates to $9,072 and $17,250 a year. Australia, New Zealand, and Canada all pay a similar amount for account managers while the equivalent salary is lower in the United Kingdom at E26,583.

Can account managers expect to receive the same pay and benefits everywhere? Find out in this article as it covers the pay of account managers and the impact that experience, industry, and skills has on their salary. In addition, the job outlook and non-salary related benefits are also explored.

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How Much Does an Account Manager Make per Year by Country?

Account Manager Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Pay $16.00 C$19.00 ($14.19) E9.00 ($9.82) AU$25.00 ($18.93) NZ$22.00 ($15.71) Rs 291.35 ($4.36) R115.12 ($8.29)
Annual Pay $50,760 C$50,507 (37,710) E26,583 ($29,008) AU$61,272 ($46,405) NZ$56,866 ($40,598) Rs 606,013 ($9,072) R239,448 ($17,250)

Account Manager Salary Influencing Factors

Account managers need to be able to maintain relationships with clients and capitalize on sales. All of the reports generated from Payscale show the importance of income above the base salary for these professionals.

1. Location

How Much Does an Account Manager Make in the US?

Account managers who work in the United States can expect an annual salary of $34,664 to $81,145. This salary is highly dependent on sales so profit sharing, bonuses, and commission can all cause significant increases. The profit sharing is $300 to $10,361, the bonuses are up to $19,647, and commission can be $38,825. The hourly rate is $11.69 to $24.37 with those working overtime getting $14.89 to $36.99. Their complete pay is $33,999 to $90,441.

How Much Does an Account Manager Make in Canada?

The annual account manager salary in Canada ranges from C$36,830 to C$85,913. The base salary is C$35,726 to C$75,875, the bonus is up to C$19,467, the profit sharing can be C$9,951, and excellent account managers may earn a commission up to C$30,432. When looking at income from the hourly rate, the range is C$13.64 to C$29.84 and overtime reaches $C41.91 dollars.

How Much Does an Account Manager Make in the UK?

Account managers in the United Kingdom earn E7.00 to E14.74 hourly with an overtime wage of up to E24.32. The annual salary is E18,194 to E40,526. Their commission can reach E14,534, profit sharing is between E196.09 and E9,658, and bonus is up to E10,266. Taking all of these into consideration the complete salary of account managers in the United Kingdom is E18,775 to E45,430.

How Much Does an Account Manager Make in Australia?

The expected salary for account managers in Australia is AU$44,778 to AU$89,419. Hourly, they earn AU%20,27 to AU$37.35 with overtime rates reaching AU$61.28 dollars. Account managers in Australia can significantly increase their pay through a maximum bonus of AU$20,275, profit sharing of AU$15,000, and commission of AU$30,767. They could also receive nothing in salary benefits beyond the base salary. The annual pay is AU$45,694 to AU$97,866 dollars.

How Much Does an Account Manager Make in New Zealand?

The account manager salary in New Zealand is NZ$41,646 for the 10th percentile and NZ$83,152 for the 90th percentile. The bonus structure gives Nz$297.99 to NZ$19,762 while profit sharing is NZ$4,000, and commission is between Nz$970 and NZ$31,094. When looking at the hourly rate it is Nz$16.57 to NZ$30.58 and overtime is NZ24.12 dollars.

How Much Does an Account Manager Make in India?

Account managers earn a salary between Rs 260,941 to Rs 1,404,136 which breaks down to an hourly rate Rs 125.45 to Rs 675.06 based on a forty hour work week. Their bonus ranges from Rs 18.46 to Rs 231,806. Profit sharing, dependent on the financial health of the company, can reach Rs 289,041 while commission, dependent on the work of the individual, is up to Rs 497,082. The total take home pay is Rs 276,313 to Rs 1,519,071 annually.

How Much Does an Account Manager Make in South Africa?

The account manager salary in South Africa ranges from R116,897 to R471,650. While these professionals could earn no extra benefits, they could also earn up to R72,433 in bonuses, R244,679 in profit sharing, and R243,347 in commission. The hourly rate is R56.20 to R226.75. Their total salary is R119,544 to R535,211.

2. Experience

In South Africa, the peak of income occurs between 10 and 20 years of experience and then experiences a decline. Late-career account managers have the same income as mid-career. In the United States income increases sharply for the first five years of experience and then levels out as late-career account managers make only $5,000 more than mid-career.

As account managers in India gain more experience that enjoy much higher pay as entry-level professionals make 17% below the average and experienced make 25% more.

In Canada, the salary increases over all stages of the account manager career. Entry-level account managers can expect slightly below C$50,000 while late-career can expect just under C$70,000.

In the United Kingdom, account managers do not see a huge increase in income based on experience. Late-career account managers will earn only E5,000 more than entry-level account managers.

Account managers in New Zealand experience growth in salary interrupted by plateaus. The salary plateaus for individuals who have between 5 and 20 years of experience and grows at the beginning and end of a career. Account managers who work in Australia increase their salary rapidly in the first twenty years and then no additional growth is seen.

3. Industry

Account managers in the United States will commonly work in retail trade, wholesale trade, manufacturing, finance, and insurance, or professional, scientific, and technical services. These professionals who work for finance or securities and commodity exchanges, and oil and gas extraction receive the highest salary.

There are also skills that are valued in each country regardless of industry. A curious result is that even though in an account manager career they must be very good at customer service this is a skill that has a negative impact on salary in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

Valuable skills in South Africa are sales management and account sales. In the United States and India, strategic sales, contract negotiation, and account sales are valuable.

Account managers in the United Kingdom are also valued for their sales management and account sales, while those in Canada and Australia are valued for account sales as well as technical sales and business development.

Schedule & Working Hours

Account managers typically have stressful working hours and have to travel a lot. They are the face of a company for their client and are expected to be available for the client. During their working time, they are expected to get necessary paperwork done but also interact with clients and build relationship rapport. Many of these professionals have to work evenings, weekends, and special events to maintain client relationships for the company.

Bonuses & Benefits

Account managers will receive different benefits depending on where they work. One common benefit is that there is a minimum salary but they are compensated for reaching certain levels of sales.

Additional benefits like life insurance or retirement contributions are tied to their job title rather than the income they generate. However, in programs that do employee matching the additional income can lead to greater employee contributions for these benefits.

Healthcare benefits for each country are included in the table below.

Country United States Canada United Kingdom Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Medical 85 85 36 9 28 66 48
Dental 72 79 11 3 2 5 6
Vision 59 60 14 3 2 5 5

Career Outlook

Account managing is a competitive field to enter. In the United States there were 376,300 account manager jobs in 2014. Growth in the future is the same as the average growth for all occupations. What will change more frequently is what industry is doing good in the economic climate.

These industries or companies will most likely be the ones hiring more account managers. One of the interesting trends in account management from a global perspective is that companies based on one country will hire account managers in another country to build their client base there.

There are certain geographic areas that pay higher for account managers than others. In South Africa, account managers in Durban and Johannesburg make a good income above the median.

High-income cities in the United States are San Francisco, Houston, New York, Washington, Seattle, and Philadelphia.

Meanwhile in India, the ideal locations are Gugaon, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. United Kingdom areas that are good for account managers are London and Reading while in Canada it is Calgary, Edmonton, and Kitchener. Meanwhile, in New Zealand and Australia, the ideal areas are Auckland, Christchurch, Canberra, Perth, and Sydney.


Account managers are a valued and integral part of any successful company. They keep the money coming in and build those critical relationships with customers. Account managing is a high-risk, high-reward occupation in terms of salary because while the base pay is low, excellent account managers can hit their commission goals for the year in one or two big sales.

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